The reconstruction of the second hydro power plant Naglu ‘in Afghanistan

Specialists of "hydro-engineering" completed work on the redesign of the hydraulic station. Number 3 with a capacity of 25 MW power plant "Naglu" of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This is the second hydroelectric station, rebuilt in the company under a contract with JSC "VO" Tekhnopromexport. "

During the redesign of the hydraulic (station number 3) carried out a series of works to replace the systems of control, protection and alarm systems, and generator accessories, including:

  • dismantling of old equipment;
  • laying of power and control cables;
  • setup and installation of new panels;
  • start-up and implementation of comprehensive tests.

 In addition, the reconstruction process was carried out training of plant personnel.
After the end of commissioning and integrated testing, as well as the successful completion of the 15-day continuous operation of the network, hydro taken into commercial operation.
Modernization of the power plant, "Naglu" continues. Another group of specialists of "hydro-engineering" to take part in the reconstruction of hydraulic 2m, power transformer 1T, pneumatic systems and communication systems.

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