The reconstruction of the Sochi Arboretum

In the first place will be restored monuments — villa "Hope", an observation deck, a central staircase, fountains and sculptures.

— The park will operate as usual. All work is done in stages. When naprmer, proceed to the reconstruction of the central stairs, empty of visitors on a roundabout paths. We’ve hung out in the park ads with notice of what is going Reconstruction of Access and apologies for the inconvenience, — said the deputy director of the park Michael Pinkovskiy.

Svparke also will increase the number of benches, toilets, garbage bins. Reconstruction money allocated from the federal budget. Until the end of 2013 will be disbursed 300 million.

Also in the plans of the leadership of the arboretum at his own expense after the holiday season to make it pump room.

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