The reconstruction of White Sea-Baltic Canal

In FSI "Belomorkanal" from 21 to 23 September, the Commission established Rosmorrechflot orders, put into operation after replacing hardware:
— Double gates lower head gateway number 3;
— Emergency repair sluice gates number 12;
Double gates lower head lock number 17.
This work is a continuation of the comprehensive measures to replace the metal gate, exploited for more than 30 years and ensure the maintenance of hydro-pressure front.
Currently, the channel replaced 12 working double gates and 9 emergency-repair gates.
September 22 this year commissioned after reconstruction lower chamber gateway number 11. This is the fourth and final stage, the commissioning of the "X stage of reconstruction of the North Slope of the White Sea-Baltic Canal."

As part of the reconstruction of the lower lock chamber number 11 used new technology when restoring structures of hydraulic structures. Instead of half-wall constructions ryazhevyh cameras that were dismantled completely, made flat cells lining the walls decking panels ECP length 15,8-16,8 m

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