The region’s largest fountain appeared at the site of the Kemerovo plant nitrogen

Factory workers "Nitrogen" made on the basis of the fountain bowl tower. The water from it will be involved in the production, in the winter, the top part is shut off.


The largest fountain in the Kuzbass region of 30 meters in diameter appeared at the site of the Kemerovo plant "Nitrogen", it will work all year round and will remain part of the process, said the company’s specialists at the opening ceremony.

The basis of the fountain was part of a conserved water cycle — a bowl of cooling tower. Very design of end of life dismantled a few years ago. According to the factory, to obtain a functional fountain: the water from it will be involved in the production cycle.

"The water is heated in compressors, cooling towers, it is cooled by spraying again climbs pumps and compressors are applied to. Due to the continuous heating of the water will not freeze. Upper part of the fountain in the winter turn off, but mostly it will work and participate in the production cycle," — said the head of the production of low-tonnage chemistry "Nitrogen" Sergey Baranov. 

According to him, the arrangement of the fountain took 2.5 months. During that time, it was dismantled about 30 tons of steel structures "transform itself bowl, remove the extra partition. Stoned tile and natural stone simply that our employees are collected on the river. Lots of people were involved, invited project management, but first of all factory workers themselves," — Baranov said.

"The idea is very good. On the production people get tired, to somehow relax and unwind, do fountain. It is now the largest not only in Kemerovo, but throughout the Kuzbass. Very beautiful and inexpensive cost," — told reporters the State Duma deputy Paul Fedyaev, who took part in the opening ceremony.

Kemerovo "Nitrogen" — the largest chemical enterprise, the only one in the Urals manufacturer of fertilizers, explosives, caprolactam production of organic synthesis. Factory complex consists of 50 shops. "Nitrogen" exports to the regions of Russia and abroad: in America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe. In 2011, the brewery became part of "SDS Nitrogen" (HC "Siberian Business Union").


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