The regional administration will give FC Rostov stadium Olympus-2

Administration of the Rostov region will give the ownership of FC "Rostov" football stadium "Olimp-2," said Minister of Sport Valery Vakula.

He stressed that the Russian Football Premier League has introduced requirements for the minimum value of the assets of the club and the Premier League club’s presence at the stadium — "Olymp-2" will cause the "Rostov" in compliance with both.

The minister did not utochnik minimum requirements and the current capitalization of FC "Rostov".

How to write "Sheets" at the end of 2009, the fixed assets "Rostov" were worth 271.5 million rubles, of which 228.7 million rubles. — Buildings and facilities (soccer fields, a hotel, a medical rehabilitation center).

"The issue of the transfer of the stadium bowl, all the stands, lighting elements and infrastructure to balance the club has put himself Governor Vasily Golubev, it requires everything to do with football, driven by a single complex and belonged to one owner," — said Vakula.

According to him, this "complex associated with a lot of bureaucratic procedures" must be able to complete the process by February next year.

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