The registration of rights to real estate for entrepreneurs: it is easier, faster, cheaper


Registration of real estate for business has become easier. In 2013 Rosreestr reduced the number of procedures and documents required for registration of 5 times — now take one mandatory procedure instead of five. Terms of registration of real property rights decreased by 3 times — from 57 to 20 days, and the service itself was less at 2,500 rubles. 

For the registration of ownership of real estate from the business representatives are no longer required to obtain a cadastral passport, an extract from the Unified State Register and the register, notarized articles of incorporation. Registration of rights became available for 1 step: a set of documents, including a statement ID, sales contract, articles of association and the approval of a major transaction can be submitted to Rosreestr or MFC (multi-purpose center for the provision of public and municipal services).

Simplification of procedures for registration of rights to real estate for business will protect their rights and interests, will help to improve the business climate in Russia. For business support Rosreestr jointly with the Moscow Government and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives conducts a campaign to inform the representatives of the business. One of the areas of the campaign was the creation of visual aids and infographics that tell of the action taken in 2013 to improve the procedures for registering property. In Moscow, for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs also provided feedback — you can report violations of the new order of registration of the rights to the Headquarters for the Protection of business.

Optimization of the process of registration of rights to real estate for business — an important step to improve the investment climate. One of the criteria for its evaluation is the position of Russia in the international ranking of Doing Business in terms of "registering property". According to the "road map" Russia should Rosreestra up in the rankings from 46 to 4th place in 2018.

Rosreestr will continue to inform the business community about the timing of the reduction, optimization of procedures for registering property and the development of e-services department.

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