The reliability of life-saving appliances can be checked with the AIS-dummy

Anthropomorphic measuring station AIS-dummy

Modeling of physical conditions, loads and accelerations to which people may be exposed in a variety of real-life situations, has now become indispensable requirement in the design of transport systems. No less important area where you need to take into account the loads acting on the human body — rescue equipment. After all, they are often used when a person has some kind of damage or injury and it is important not to aggravate his condition.

AIS-dummy (anthropomorphic measurement station), Designed Moscow company "Space Rescue System", designed to determine the actual levels of dynamic loading of arbitrary direction, which affect the person using different means of salvation.
The dummy is used in order to assess the means of cushioning and impact protection of collective and individual systems, including emergency rescue systems in order to assess their effectiveness.


Anthropomorphic measuring station is based on the dummy HYBRID-III, consisting of rigid bodies, simulating human body parts with height 175 cm and weight 80 kg. The design is equipped with a self-powered (lithium-ion battery), built-in sensors of dynamic parameters, with a global navigation system and remote operability station provided in a wide range of ambient conditions (temperature of -20 to +50 degrees Celsius, the humidity — up to 95%). The system has sensors accelerations, angular velocity, air pressure and deformation of the rib cage.

"The brain and nervous system" AIS-dummy — independent information-measuring system of AIMS-3.1. It comprises device data acquisition parameters and dynamic sensors, integrated into the structure. System during the field experiment provides registration data on the effects of congestion and the angular velocity at characteristic points of the head, spine, thorax. Specialized software provides configuration settings, operation and control of records, viewing stored data for rapid analysis and data for subsequent processing.

The design of AIS stations mannequin allows you to connect additional modules for additional research. The development has been successfully tested and meets all the requirements for means of measurement in accordance with GOST 4240-001-2012.

Technical details:

Alexei Labunsky

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