The remodel opened in Kiev Planetarium — spherical cinema.


Last Friday, December 9, opened an updated Kiev Planetarium, which will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary on the first day of 2010. This planetarium spent upgrading and modernizing with innovative technology.

The renovated planetarium was installed spherical theater, which will show the audience-fiction works devoted to the mysteries of the universe and the microcosm. Also in the theater will be showing films and cartoons. However, the most interesting is the opportunity to observe the planets, the various constellations, galaxies, distant and mysterious comet in real time. Through the use of advanced equipment, each will have the opportunity to experience the beauty and complexity of the cosmic phenomena or bodies.

Also in the planetarium is open only Ukrainian multimedia amusement park, which establishes the touch-screens and touch-panel with multifunction content, which is a combination of educational and play areas. These rides are designed for students and children.

For convenience, all the rooms and corridors of the planetarium located scoreboard, making it possible to find a poster and by tapping the screen with your finger to make their own tickets. Also changed the design of premises. Now, in their bright ceilings with a variety of colored highlights.
In addition, the theater is planned to equip the sensory stair stepping on that, a person will feel like walking on water.

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