The renovation of another monument to soldiers-liberators

On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi occupiers in the town Vasilkivka renovated monument to fallen soldiers. Since the 50s of last century, it was a usual metal obelisk inscribed with the names of soldiers-liberators. Over time, the letters and wiped the village council addressed to the chairman of the regional council Eugene Hoopoe on the allocation of funds for the repair of the monument.

— Our task — to preserve the memory of those who gave their lives for the peaceful sky over our land. We support the initiatives of local councils on the improvement of burial sites of Soviet soldiers who consider all appeals. Just last year, the implementation of regional programs for the conservation of monuments of the Great Patriotic War from the regional budget allocated 1 mln. This year, the amount will be increased, — said Eugene Hoopoe.

For the regional budget in a mass grave in Vasilkivka set of stella black labradorite. Of her full-length coming warrior infantryman with the lowered gun in his right hand, bowing his battle brothers. On plates are engraved the names of 29 famous warriors, buried — more than 100.

To celebrate the renovation of the family came to the common grave of soldiers buried here from the Urals, Bryansk Region, Siberia.

— Human memory has no limits. Sons of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and many other countries have given their lives to free our land from the Nazis. More than 200,000 of our fellow countrymen did not return home from the war. We bow our heads before their immortal heroism and we will do everything to ensure that future generations will never forget this tragic page of the history of our nation — said Eugene Hoopoe.

Department of Public Relations and Press Regional Council

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