The report on the experiment with MFC

Since I in January, in an impromptu holiday to celebrate volneniya was some svobdnoe time and labor on hand, I decided to highlight a few days on the design of the new TRAVEL-expired passport instead. And since such a thing — immediately decided to make a new, bombastic "biometric" for ten years. Perhaps, it will use. I have uchetka on public services, but I’m wondering more — some time ago began to open the so-called "Multifunctional centers", that is to say the MFC, which combine many of the structures for which earlier had to be worn in different parts of the county and I stupidly began to wonder — is it well in practice as in theory. So I started to test them.

Seen 1. Try to take the MFC unceremoniously

I just took my existing documents from our (ordinary passport, expired passport, labor and voennik) and just tried to slip without additional training.

Came to the right place, the lady on duty at the bar with coupons electronic turn issued a leaflet (compulsory measure — the mass of services, dozens of windows — the people dohrena and more esldi would each spend time searching for the desired item on all menus — kordorchike in the terminal stage it would be a Tower of Babel), and I went into the hall with windows. People, despite working Monday morning was full, I had to go to one of the three windows (one of which, however, was closed during all visits, but sorry, the time I spent in queues considerably). After about forty minutes I sat by the window and handed the documents to which I replied that we need any more copies of the statement and the list of which is on the wall, and forms can get on the site. However, he went away I vysnilos that in the same building there is a counseling center that prepares for compensation all necessary documents — statements, copies of photos. Got up, ran to a question about the addresses, where he worked (in the labor force as it is not, but the accuracy of the data look the other way — the same clear that some organizations over time could disappear, another part — change address, and indeed not everyone knows what his sharagi actually legal address, and could not do physical), while the Internet and from a smart card sorted out — a call from the house, had to postpone the visit and a home run.

The result — failure. In general, the expected, but no less offensive.

Visit 2. A test of patience

Got four and a tail, with a small queue for 10-15 minutes filled out questionnaires COPIED documents sfotorgrafirovali (500r. for filling out and printing, an additional 200 — photos, you can do everything yourself, but you have to carefully follow the requirements of the documents may dpugih in places cheaper) somewhere voucher took a quarter to five. Stayed to the end, eight in the evening, when they were closed down by those who took the coupons at the beginning of the fifth. If I took the first number, and then go to counselors, it may have had.

Separately — about electronic queue. Throughout the MFC is solid at first glance, a three-digit numbering visitors, but it soon became clear that the numbers are not sequentially, and loopback. For example, I have in the three (actually — two) boxes running numbers 350-399. Reaching the 399 numbering jumped 350 as talontsikah and queue. Vyyanilos it when I got the voucher (let’s say 365), and above the window shone 350, I soon came up with "their" room, but it turned out that I have to wait a couple more laps. That is, it would work fine, if not all, grew more than 50 people, and so I realized — you have to see how many people on the number plates in the queue (for example, 108 people), take the integer part of the division by the length of a circle (108 50 = 2), as many times as you want to skip the "" number. Otherwise one has to keep track of how many coupons were taken by those who are going now. It occurred to him that the sale of seats in the queue, you can make good money. I think two thousand rubles a day to raise real (plus-minus will depend on the reaction of arrogance and working there, I would bet that they do not care). I have a couple of hundred for saving tvuh to three hours easily given away. In fairness — a hundred people in front of you are fifty times because someone takes a wrong ticket, someone does not wait and periodically can be seen as a window on the changing rooms 5, then she rebuffs him who came up with the correct number, but in terms of ( or two or three laps) before the put and jumps 4-5 more rooms.

The result — a beat in all that was on the phone, read a couple of chapters the book, several articles on the Internet and much more. And it’s still not too late. Exhausts is sitting in one place.

Seen 3. The fool

That was Wednesday, and I have seen at first great surprise. Took a numbered, but found that the entrance to the hall is blocked, nobody inside, and all the windows are closed. It turned out that on Wednesdays they are only there to an hour. Failure. Could be an epic fail, but I had one more question to the accounting department in the next room, to the point it does not, but at least not entirely wasted went.

Speaking of number plates. Humor in the fact that the windows 5-7 are engaged according to the menu item passports old model and the new model is put in place of the rooms with the numbers 8-9. That’s only 8-9 were allocated to those who filled out the documents through the website of public services, and those who just have to write down elsewhere. I do not understand why I delve into these troubles. However, poh.

Seen 4. Finally!

Talonchik taken at 14:14, at lunchtime, about 17 hours after the 86 numbers smenivschihsya I sat down at the window, stuck’ve found the statements, documents and photos, laid on top of the passport, voennik and labor, a few minutes later went into the study with the number eight , there I was again filmed (nothing special type of scanning of the cornea / retina, shooting ear I did not notice too little fingers do not roll back) and I left at 17:14. Now, after a month, you will have to go and get the paper.

Seen 5. Take the document

So, it took almost two months — at the end of January, I passed the documents, at the very end of March, time out on Saturday to visit the IFC. OUFMS in our MFC Saturday open until an hour and only the window for the grant. I only benefit: less people — more oxygen. Laziness mother of course play a dirty trick and I got there without anything in dvennadtsat. E all reconfigured. On the one hand, and the continuous numbering now understand that you prolyubil time easier. On the other — it is unclear how many more coming — many numbers are skipped, and coupons in mind the lack of debugging in the "Before you X Man" is encouraging for the first time the unit (suppose to thank for that need coders who could not be considered a separate queue, one, well, maybe two fingers for the release of such a "production" can break, but not more). However, nothing too bad about it. Perhaps even finished. The numbers on the scoreboard were almost 200 lower than that in my check, but almost two thirds were completely missed, not even a quarter of the remaining podoschli to the window, so a little less than an hour, I already put my passport, said that designed the through the window, and not through tyrnet and in a couple of minutes he signed for in your new passport, reading the list of visa-free countries to which I can now get gemmoroya without or with minimal amount thereof.

As a result, short — I did it. Not difficult, but a chore.

In total — On the one hand I understand that this was once a lot more gemmoroy with yaw by a bunch of different departments, then they do everything themselves, I did not have to wear something from one window / room to

On the other hand … Application forms and requirements on a small piece of paper, memo might pass out in the same window (if not filled in the same place, it would not increase much time because it is all the same did almost the same thing — a scanned all documents etc. ), what photos to the statements I did not understand if I still filmed again, the division of new / old threads would be very useful, because the bandwidth is clearly insufficient to open a third window (or even fourth or fifth) also had would be very helpful, and that time is spent on the empty car seat in the queues. In general, if you do not slam the ears — everything can be done in half a day, and even faster if you use the site of public services.

Main links:— Site of the Moscow government— General information about MFC— Detailed information, including schedules, map, TTX, a list of the institution is located. [/ Cut]

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