The report The image of Russia in the Modern World — 2013

January 17, ITAR-TASS held Press conference of Director General of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin and Deputy CEO of CPS Alexei Panin devoted to the report "The image of Russia in the Modern World — 2013". The report was prepared by the expert group CBI headed by Alexei Mukhin.

Changed circumstances in the global economy make its players try to grope for a new international financial centers: where they will be based on what their potential? Should Russia again become a testing ground for models running out of the crisis, as it did at the beginning of the last century and had serious consequences for the country? Or it could be the center of a regional alliance, which will save on their territory for the most comfortable living conditions?

In the past year there have been some changes in the global drivers of economic and political systems, arranging them in the decision-making model to reduce turbulence in the global markets. The stabilizing role of Russia in this process was evident, and this is reflected in relation to it on what is called a global level.

In 2013, the definition of a place to happen in Russia, "World Coordinate System" and revealed the role of internal and external factors affecting this positioning. According to the report, the image of fashion mishaps Russia through the prism of migration is one of the most destructive factors that have a negative impact on Russia’s image both domestically and abroad. The apparent success of the country and the objective under the current leadership downplayed quite a specific purpose: to make the Russian government more negotiability, dependent on the opinion of the outside and, eventually, to impose another set of political inferiority.

Based on the analysis of international migration in and out of Russia in 1997-2011, and also the analysis of movement of investment capital in the Russian Federation, the authors come to the conclusion that the main theses of the insolvency of carriers ideology of "underdeveloped country" — Russia.

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