The researchers chose the first key scientific objectives of the program Radioastron

Russian space telescope "Radioastron" in the contest of scientific programs received the objectives for the year: up to June 2014 with the help of astrophysics will study active galactic nuclei, pulsars, jets, birth of stars and interstellar space, told RIA Novosti zavlaboratoriey Physical Institute Astro Space Center Lebedev (ASC FIAN) Yuri Kovalev.

In September 2012 the team "Radioastron" announced the first contest of the key scientific program for this tool. "We have announced an open competition where I learned to participate in any country, in order to maximize the scientific output of that program were selected not by nationality, but on the basis of the" power of science. "In addition, we need to make symmetry approaches with other radio telescopes forming terrestrial arm of the interferometer where observing time is allocated on a competitive basis, "- said Kovalev.

The contest received 13 applications from 200 researchers from 18 countries. At the end of the competition an international committee of experts has selected seven research programs. Their supervisors are Russia, the U.S., Germany and Spain.

Programs that have received the highest priority, include the study of physics and radiation mechanisms jet — plasma jets that spew quasars, studies of the structure, density and characteristics of the interstellar medium. "Radioastron" will also try to see the "shadow" of supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei and to determine which areas are a source of radiation in pulsars. "At the same time, Russian scientists will be involved in research in all areas of key program" Radioastron "- concluded Kovalev. Observatory" Radioastron "was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in July 2011, and in November made the first observation. Telescope is designed to work in conjunction with ground-based radio telescopes, forming a single long baseline interferometry very high angular resolution — up to seven microseconds.


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