The resettlement of slum dwellings in the Magadan region

The village Gadlo Ola district of Magadan region commissioned four single-storey semi-detached house. From the regional budget for the construction of houses has been allocated 28.6 million. 1.31 million spent for this purpose the local budget.

The village Gadlo at the end of this year, another 16 families will receive the keys to new apartments. Then planned to build a 30-apartment house, ethnic and cultural center.

Fabricated homes in Gadlo — this is the second project in the districts of the region. Similar homes are built in Tauysk, winter they’ve endured without any complaints. Similar homes to be built in North Evenskiy area.

The volume of construction in the area from year to year increase. This year will be built about 19 thousand square meters. meters of housing in 2013 — more than 21 thousand square meters. meters of housing in the coming years — up to 25 thousand square meters. meters.

Housing will be built as a regional center and in the regions.

The houses are built on technology designed for the frost to 50 degrees. For better heat saving them sheathed not siding and paneling with a special insulation. Five centimeters of modern basalt insulation replace meter brick wall builders assured the governor. The width of the wall is about 20 cm, width of insulation on the floor twice. The houses are set taking into account all the necessary appliances, radiators and even allow residents to control the temperature in the house.

Improvement of the territory will continue. It brought the land plots, as some tenants want to smash the houses flower beds and gardens. There is still, and paving the street which is called the Quay.

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