The resettlement of slum dwellings in the Sakhalin region

Five houses on February 1 passed in Dolinsk. Just a new trehetazhkah will live 90 families displaced from dilapidated housing.The developer went to the site in May of last year, the new apartments are already rented "turnkey" with all the trimmings and fixtures.

A total of 2013 Dolinskiy area should be put into operation 32 thousand square meters. meters of housing, it is more than 400 apartments.

January 29 settlers from dilapidated housing in the city Kholmsk received keys to new apartments. Put into operation in the five-storey building — 40 apartments. Construction was carried out with the use of new technologies and modern materials. Each apartment has plumbing, water heaters, metering devices, equipment for internal fire.

New development in Kholmsk — the first swallow, the program of resettlement of dilapidated housing in the city will gain momentum. In Kholmsk another 95 apartments expected to be commissioned in the first half of the year, they are mainly intended for the settlers of old and dilapidated housing.

Total for this program in the Sakhalin region this year will be built about 70-80 thousand square meters. meters of residential space.


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