The resettlement of slum dwellings in the Arkhangelsk region

September 25 keys from new apartments handed tenants on the street 40 years of Victory in Arkhangelsk. The first phase of 225-apartment house was put into operation in May 2011, which allowed to resettle 24 emergency houses, 334 people were able to move into the new housing amenities. 

The new building with a total living space of over 6,700 square meters will resettle 121 families of the 22 emergency wooden houses.

Until the end of 2012 in five districts of the region are planning to hand over a number of well-appointed homes for settlers. This will provide several hundred residents of the Arkhangelsk region of modern comfortable living conditions.


In Konoshsky area in a number of housing estates built home in the regional programs to resettle people from emergency and dilapidated housing stock, provision of service housing, as well as to improve the living conditions for members and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

In the village of Bobrovo Primorsky district in August have commissioned 13-apartment house for immigrants from emergency housing.

Until the end of the year in the municipality "Koskogorskoe" should be built another 12-apartment building. Total for all those who need modern housing in the Primorsky region must build another 18 houses.


In Konosha on Theatre Street construction of two 32-apartment houses. Immigrants from dilapidated housing will receive their 12 apartments. In addition, in the street Thalmann construction company vozvodit24-kvartirnyydom, 17 apartments which are designed to move people in the implementation of regional programs.

In the village of Urdoma Lena area for the resettlement of the residents of collapsing "pieces of wood" is built 12-apartment building.

The same building is to be put into operation in 2012 and in the municipality "Yemetsk" Kholmogorsky district.

In the village. Savinskiy Plesetsk District prepares for sdache100-kvartirnyyzhiloy home.

Construction of 43 new apartments to move people out of dilapidated housing in the village and ends October Ustyansky district.

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