The results of DWS in 2011

Investment JSC "Russian Railways" at the site of the October Railway 11 months of 2011 amounted to more than 41 billion rubles.

During this period, in carrying out works on the reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Weimar — Ivangorod and railway approaches to ports on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland invested about 13.2 billion rubles. The target goal of the project is to provide the volume of traffic on the approaches to the port of Ust-Luga in line with the growth of traffic. The scope of work can be viewed here.

In the framework of the priority investment project the high-speed passenger service between St. Petersburg — Buslovskaya for 11 months of 2011, capital expenditures amounted to almost 7.7 billion rubles. In the production of construction work for the main track on the Moscow — closed for 11 months in 2011 invested more than 3.1 billion rubles. The order of 1.55 billion rubles were invested for a specified period of reconstruction of the station Babaevo. Details on the reconstruction of the station Babaevo can be found here.

More than 393 million rubles were invested in the construction and reconstruction of permanent structures. The main work associated with the strengthening of the roadbed on the discharge-pulse technology in the 113 km line Byelomorsk — Malenga (126.6 million rubles) and 188-189 km line Volkhovstroy — Cherepovets (162.2 million rubles).

Also in the period from January to November 2011, more than 57.5 million rubles spent on the implementation of activities related to the reconstruction of pedestrian bridges and tunnels at the site October Railway.


The order of 11.3 million rubles for the 11 months of 2011, aims to update depot economy suburban commuter lines, in particular, the reconstruction shop TR-1 electric railcar depot St. Petersburg-Finland for parking equipment and high-speed trains "Pendolino", was reported by Corporate Communications DWS.


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