The results of repair of roads in Krasnoyarsk, Achinsk

At the station the edge of the road "Achinsk — Mountain — Birch" held "innovative" repair.

"Anti-aging" cosmetics for the edge of roads — the know-how of experts KrUDora. They offered to employees Achy DRSU handle portion of the road special emulsion, which "lights up" asphalt concrete pavement.

"We specifically chose a section of road that has not been renovated for over 15 years — said the head of the road maintenance and road safety" KrUDor "Andrey Zhuravlev. — The special formulation penetrates into the asphalt emulsion at 8-10 cm, seals the road surface and restores the original properties of the bitumen. As a result, increases the adhesion between the binder and mineral materials, reduced elasticity, hiding peeling, delamination and cracks of the road ".

As noted by the staff of the regional management of roads in the area Achinskom on new technology repaired two kilometers of the road.

"The effectiveness of this treatment, roads will become available in a few months. In addition, during the three years, we will follow up on this site to check the behavior of the "quickening" emulsion in our climate zone, " — Explained professionals.


 July 30, Acting head of the Department of Urban Administration of Krasnoyarsk Oleg Gonchar checked the quality of road repairs in mezhkvartalnyh thoroughfares of the city, particularly at sites where there were complaints and complaints from local residents to substandard or careless maintenance work.

Recall that this summer in Krasnoyarsk is being renovated 197 mezhkvartalnyh driveways — 140 of them were originally scheduled for repair, and another 57 will be able to repair the economy at the expense of the city budget.

This season, the quality of the road repair works of the city administration and districts are paying attention. In addition, actively participate in the control and the townspeople. Thus, in the Krasnoyarsk already started working acceptance special commission consisting of representatives of the public and specialists of district administrations, the city administration, technical supervision, and other services.

While checking the quality of repair of one of the objects — Inter-district travel at the house on the street. Spring, 13, Oleg Gonchar spoke with representatives of the contractor, service and technical supervision of the local HOA. Here, the contractor said on his four-year job guarantee — that’s four times the mandatory period. In turn, the representative of the controlling organization assured that the quality of repairs at the facility meets all the standards. With her head and agreed HOA house on the street. Spring, 13, and added that thanks to the fruitful cooperation with the district administration area repair Inter-district travel and managed to increase the area under the arch asphalt.

The deputy head of the Soviet district of Krasnoyarsk Yuri Yegorov noted the key role in the inclusion of yards and driveways in mezhkvartalnyh repair program plays an initiative of residents. "We are together with the residents leave, check whether the yard or driveway needs to be repaired, and if possible (in terms of funding) are included in the work plan and execute" — said Yegorov.

At the conclusion of the inspection Oleg Gonchar said that no object road repair in Krasnoyarsk will not be accepted, and the work of contractors will not be paid, until will not meet any and all requirements. Road builders will have to correct deficiencies at its own expense and within just one week.

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