The results of SE Research and Production Complex Zorya — Mashproekt in 2012, the year

In 2012, the year "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" continued stable and steady growth. The company has implemented all the planned projects for each of the activities: marine propulsion, gas pumping equipment and Gas turbogenerators.

It was produced and delivered to customers 94 engine. In 2011, the figure was 87 engines. About 2/3 of the total volume of production are engines of 25 MW — the most difficult to produce.

More than 10% increased revenue from sales. In 2011, sales amounted to 2 billion 652 million hryvnia, in 2012 — 2 billion 980 million The company is among the leaders in the Mykolaiv region in terms of transfers to the budget. The amount of payments to the budget and extra-budgetary funds in 2012 totaled 761.8 million hryvnia., Which is almost 20% more than last year.

The company continued the implementation of investment projects. During the year, 26 units were purchased new equipment for a total of 109.5 million hryvnia. Modernization of production facilities is one of the main factors of the annual increase in output.

During the year, the company has created more than 500 jobs. The total staff of 12,880 people, of whom — 4930 key working. In 2011, 12343 and 4408, respectively.

"Zorya" — "Mashproekt" traditionally timely pay workers compensation. Over the past year increased the level of average wages from 3234 hryvnia in 2011, the year before the 3880 hryvnia in 2012. At the end of 2012, the team will be paid to the 13th salary.

The enterprise has fully fulfilled the provisions of the collective agreement. Social protection of workers remains a priority for the administration and the trade union committee. In 2012, the increased level of financial provision of social benefits and guarantees of measures to improve working conditions, protection of health and safety. Total funding for these items rose by 22% to $ 44.8 million hryvnia.

Prisoners in 2012, the year the contracts allow you to plan a program of more than five years. In the structure of exports will increase significantly the proportion of products for marine applications. In general, the production program of 2013 — Issue 100 engines.

Genetic Research and Production Complex "Zorya" — "Mashproekt": Strategy Leadership

"In the wake of" the military-demand products for marine applications
But the secret of the success of "Dawn" — "Mashproekt" — focus on foreign customers: more than 95% of production is exported, the domestic market is almost no buyers. Performed mostly just planned repairs of engines compressor stations domestic transportation system, although the modernization of Ukrainian GTS claimed could provide gazoturbostroiteley orders for the next few years. However, the gas-pumping equipment is not the only one segment and not even the most forward-looking, which is engaged in "Zorya" — "Mashproekt." The basic direction — power plants for ships. This contributes to the modernization of the Navy, which is observed all over the world. And if civil shipbuilding continues to lose production, the construction of a naval fleet capacity increases. And as an alternative to gas-turbine propulsion systems do not exist, then it is possible to Tsar Nicholas the manufacturer to take a leading position in this market in the world.
In fact, "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" — a developer and manufacturer of unique solutions for modern naval technology. The company supplies power equipment in accordance with any requirements of ship designers, implementing any schematics installations. The customer receives an integrated propulsion system including a gas turbine engine, gearbox, control system and completeness of the supplied equipment. This provides an advantage. Engines and gearboxes are used in ships, which recognized the best in its class. It is under construction now in Feodosia "Bison" and the missile boat "Lightning" and the frigates for various purposes.
In the next 5 years "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" plans to significantly increase the production and sale of products for marine applications. Now been signed and are in the process of signing a number of contracts for the supply of ship propulsion systems with delivery dates in the 2013-2017 years. Products of the company will be equipped with multi-purpose frigates far sea zone, the large anti-submarine ships, patrol ships of the class "Cheetah", as well as missile boats ‘Lightning’. In this direction, "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" will continue to work with several Russian shipyards and shipbuilding companies with India.
Russia — a traditional customer and partner Nicholas gazoturbostroiteley, although had to fight for contracts. Russian shipbuilders not only attempted to create their own production of marine propulsion systems, but also considered the possibility of cooperation with European and American manufacturers. But in the end won the Mykolayiv. Cooperation with the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" shipyard Zelenodolsk them. Gorky plant "Severnaya Verf", Khabarovsk Shipyard, the plant "Vympel" in Rybinsk, other businesses efficiently and beneficial to both parties. Russia — one of the leaders in sales of combat ships, boats and submarines, and it gives the opportunity to "zarevtsam" to participate in the export programs shipyards neighboring state. In addition, the rapidly developing its own Navy of the Russian Federation, and propulsion Nicholas enterprise, at least for the next 5-7 years will be needed.
As for the projects for foreign customers, the most significant is the cooperation with India. IUDs of the state under the same conditions, that the major equipment manufacturers provide for marine applications, such as General Electric selects "Zorya" — "Mashproekt". In particular because of the high level of service that is "Zarevtsy" are able to react immediately to any questions that arise during operation of the equipment, and it can not be taken to all producers. The delivery program of power plants for the Indian Navy frigates — long-term, and will be implemented in the years 2015-2019.
Despite the general revival of shipbuilding in Ukraine, this industry is just beginning to come out of stagnation. Her future recovery and developmen
t associated with the provision of domestic defense orders, in particular to the construction program for Russian Navy corvettes, which is also involved "Zorya" — "Mashproekt." The company has already received the first tranche of the advance payments, and today started work on the production of gears, since the production of the class of units has a long production cycle. It is envisaged that the power plant will manufacture the company corvette two gearboxes and two engines.
World requires innovation
Release of gas-compressor and power generation equipment, which, along with products for marine applications is the main activity of the company, too, is usually associated with exports. The main stakeholders in this is also a Russian, in particular strategic facilities "Gazprom" — namely, significant reserves of the Yamal gas field — "Bovanenko." The following year, this field is expected to produce 46 billion cubic meters of gas by 2017, production volume will increase to 115 billion, and in the longer term — up to 140 billion cubic meters a year. For this deposit Nikolaev gazoturbostroiteli put five DU-80 engines rated at 25 MW. In 2010-2011. for the compressor station "Bovanenkovskaya" has already delivered 12 such engines.
It should be noted that this year it was released and sent to customers 94 engine. For comparison — in 2011 the figure was 87 engines. About 2/3 of the total volume of production — engines of 25 MW, the most time-consuming and complicated to manufacture.
But the world always in need of innovation. Today, the customer prefers equipment operating on dual fuel, diesel and gas. "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" not so long ago passed to the mass production of this type of equipment with the capacity of 16 MW. In December, the company entered into a contract with the Harbin (China), Research Institute for marine boilers and turbines to supply the party units. Dual-fuel turbine generators Mykolayiv will also supply the Chinese Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec.
But perhaps the most promising direction, which develops "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" today — the area of electricity generation. Interest in the market of power is very large, and the participation of enterprises in energy projects in Africa, the Middle East, China gives reason to say that the position of Nicholas gazoturbostroiteley in this segment also strengthened.
Just the Facts
* In 2012, "Zorya" — "Mashproekt" has shipped 94 engine (in 2011 the number was 87 engines). About 2/3 of the volume — motors of an output of 25 MW, the most difficult to manufacture.
* In the past year, more than 10% increased net income from sales. And if in 2011 sales amounted to 2 billion 652 million UAH., In 2012 it reached 2 billion 980 million company — among the leaders in the Mykolaiv region in terms of transfers to the budget and extra-budgetary funds. Amount of 761.8 mln. This is almost 20% more than last year.
* The implementation of the investment projects. During the year, 26 units were purchased new equipment in the amount of 109.5 mln. Modernization of production — one of the main factors increasing the volume of output.
* In 2012, it created more than 500 jobs. The total number of employees — 12,880 people.
* Over the past year, the average salary increased from UAH 3234. in 2011 to 3880 UAH. in 2012 At the end of the year will be paid to the staff of the 13th salary.
* The total level of funding for articles of social protection of workers in 2012 increased 22% to $ 44.8 mln.
The next year, "zarevtsy" took on the challenging production program — produce 100 engines. This number of units in nearly 60 years of collective undertaking to release, but in the history of independent Ukraine, it will be the first "hundred."
Agita Isaikina.

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