The results of the development of the city of Irkutsk in 2011

Just a week ago, Irkutsk Mayor Viktor Kondrashov Irkutsk citizens decided to share some statistics on the development of the city over the past year.



"Now I prepare a report for the mayor in 2011.’s, Decided to share with you the figures and statistics calculations. So, in 2011 we celebrated the 350th anniversary of the city and beautiful holidays, and beautification of the city, and a good job.
The city is growing, is being built, it is. The most accurate measure of city life — demography. In 2011 the city’s population has increased by 7.9 thousand people, Irkutsk was 597.8 thousand people. 8813 births were registered, an increase of 450 people (5.4%) more than in 2010. And that is good news!
The unemployment rate fell from 0.92% to 0.65%. This — the lowest rate in the Siberian Federal District.

A 12% increased wages. Workers in large, medium and small enterprises and organizations of the city of Irkutsk in 2011 it amounted to 26 865,7 rubles. Organizations that do not belong to small businesses, people began getting up 11.5%, the average — 29 401.9 rubles.

In the past year we have commissioned 412.8 thousand square meters. meters of gross floor area of residential buildings (6732 apartments), this is 20.9% more than in 2010.

Much has been done on the improvement of the city:
— Construction of 1.4 kilometers of new Angara embankment;
— Stacked 238,000 square meters of new roads;
— 156 inner-landscaped areas;
— Refurbished 17 city streets;
— Installed 11 new sites, created 20 new parks.

Also built:
— A kindergarten for 90 people on the street. Gorky;
— Annexe to the kindergarten number 63 on the 110 places on the street. Lopatin;
— School number 72 (reconstruction and restoration) with an extension gym on the street. Working;
— Pristrom Municipal Polyclinic Medical Unit IAPO on the street. Innovators;
— Modular swimming pool in the Sports Palace "Youth".
Here, of course, not everything that has been done, not all. Full details in the annual report. It will soon be published. "

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