The results of the first Russian independent examination of LED lamps

 In August of 2012. in Russia ended the first independent examination of LED lamps with E27 base, which should come to replace the traditional 60-watt bulbs. Examination took place in our country for the first time and was organized in the framework of the project "Modern lighting fixtures."

Lately, the market is saturated with active LED products LED lamps designed to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps in the home. "As always happens when new types of equipment, consumers difficult to understand the variety of types of reliability driven manufacturers parameters, which creates difficulties for the promotion of new products," — explains the reasons for the examination Anatoly Chernyak, a representative of the test center "VNISI." them. Vavilov.

The participants of the examination were 14 samples of LED lamps. Power LED lamps from 8 to 12.4 watts. All lamps are made in the style of retrofit bulbs that are in appearance and method of their application simulate 40 and 60-watt incandescent lamp for general application with an E27 base. 

All the lamps were measured by light, color, electrical parameters of the lamps and the maximum temperature in the lamp housing. Light measurements were made according to GOST R 54350-2011.

According to the characteristics of the light flux at the highest Russian lamps SvetaLED.

The only real deterrent widespread use of LED lamps in the home is their cost. Price dispersion submitted samples ranged from 350 to 1600 rubles for comparable performance. Detailed results of the peer review will be published in the journal "Modern lighting fixtures" in August 2012.

"Technical problems LED bulbs largely resolved, monitor the quality of all manufacturers. Obviously, the market share of LED lamps is growing, and you can expect in the near future from the retail expansion of assortment of LED products that consumers had a choice, "- said Catherine Plattseva, development manager for the project" Modern lighting fixtures. "   

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