The results of the investment program of Russian Railways in 2010

JSC "Russian Railways" announced the results of the investment program of the company in 2010. "Thanks to the work of the system to overcome the crisis and profit growth investment budget of" Russian Railways "in the current year increased to 315 billion rubles. Fixed assets in 2010 will exceed 250 billion rubles. By the end of the year will be put into operation 2.5 km of new lines, 122 km of second tracks, 100 km of station tracks, about 15 km electrified lines. In addition, 393 were purchased and upgraded 827 locomotives and 677 units purchased multiple units, "- said the president of JSC" Russian Railways "Vladimir Yakunin.

In 2010, work completed and commissioned large objects:

— Art. Luga-Oil (Phase 2) of the project "Complex reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Weimar — Ivangorod and railway approaches to ports on the southern shore of the Gulf";

— Novorossiysk small tunnel in the North Caucasus Railway (1st place);

— Navaginsky tunnel (upgrade) on a plot of Armavir — Tuapse, North-Caucasian railway;

— Reconstruction of the railway bridge through the channel in the direction of Moscow October railroad;

— Reconstruction of the first main road in the area with the electrification Karymskaya — Tin Project "Upgrade Karymskaya-Zabaykalsk";

— Phase 1 Phase 1 of the project of construction of the 4th main road on the route Moscow — hook (parcel Moscow Trading — Moscow-Passenger — 5 km);

— Reconstruction of the bridge over the river. An eye on the 107 km of Moscow — Moscow Railway Necklace

In July 2010, opened a quick link between St. Petersburg — Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod.

In December 2010, launched the train «Allegro» within the framework of the project "Establishment of a high-speed passenger service between St. Petersburg — Buslovskaya."

During the year, actively conducted the implementation of the selected investment projects for the development of transport infrastructure, in particular, the "Complex reconstruction of the Mga — Gatchina — Weimar — Ivangorod and railway access to ports on the southern shore of the Gulf, "" comprehensive reconstruction of Gorky — Kotelnikovo — Tikhoretskaya — The Crimean bypassing the Krasnodar hub "," Upgrade Karymskaya — Zabaykalsk "," Modernization of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur — Sovetskaya Gavan construction of a new Kuznetsov Tunnel. "

"The company met targets for the construction of Olympic facilities assigned to JSC" Russian Railways "by the Government. At present, the degree of readiness of the project "The combined (road and rail) road Adler — skiing resort" Alpika Service "with the construction of a second continuous railway Sochi — Adler — Hilarious" is more than 50%. Also in high availability (47%) is the project "Railway line Adler — Sochi Airport", — said Vladimir Yakunin.

More than 64 billion invested in its development subsidiaries of OAO "Russian Railways".

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