The results of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship

Russian "artist" won the European Championships gold and seven silver medals, taking first place team.

Last weekend in Vienna ended the first post-Olympic and 29th in a row the European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics. And before we talk about its results, we note that the Russian team performed in the tournament to almost completely new lineup. According to the president VFHGIrina Viner, a new four-year cycle of generational change, the team came to the new professionals and coaches, as well as young budding athletes.

After the triumph of LondonEvgenia Kanaevatook a long time out to solve health problems, completed a careerDaria Kondakova, and silver medalistDaria Dmitrievaunable to cope with the burden of leadership and stress. Gymnast has performed in almost all tournaments, and this busy schedule turned to her string of injuries. Her main rival in the fight for a place in the Olympic teamAlexandra Merkulovojbeginning of the season and was crumpled on quite the same reason, to full training athlete started only in February and has not yet managed to gain proper Conditions. As a result, the first position in the team came out for the time being abides in the shadow of her friends on the teamMargarita Mamun, clearly has been on the Grand Prix of Moscow.

Along with her spark-carpet at the AustrianDaria SvatkovskyandYana Kudryavtseva,
reserve was listedMaria Titova. Thanks to their successful performance team to defend the title of European champions in the team competition, gaining for four exercises 147.114 points. Ukrainian women won the silver with the sum of 141.573, bronze at the Belarusians — 138.115. For this achievement, then kissed the girls and personal success.Margarita Mamunconfidently won the ribbon routine: her touching song, accompanied by the magical voice of Anna German "Echo of Love" again will impress the judges or the audience. In the other three types of Mamun was also raised on a podium, but only to the second stage, a three-time runner-up of the tournament. It should be noted that Margarita in the finals performed much better than earlier in qualifying, was more collected, so was able to improve its position.

In an exercise with clubs, and then excelled with the ball of her friend on the teamYana Kudryavtseva,
writing, by the way, at his own expense the best score championship — 19,000 points. On the first day of competition John led the three species, including the Ribbon, which was wrong and earned a penaltyMargarita Mamun, but in the finals was able to hold only two. Nevertheless, this is a great result for the start of the season. Queen of the hoop wasDaria Svatkovsky, excelled in this form and in qualifying. Thus, the Russians once again gathered all the medals highest order, despite the fact that they had to compete with the much more experienced rivals:Silvia Mitevafrom BulgariaNetoy Rivkinof Israel and, of course, representative of Ukraine —Anna Rizatdinova, Alina Maksymenko— And Belarus —Melitina Staniouta.

Rizatdinova subjected to a second position in the ribbon exercise. Stanyuta won two bronze medals in the exercises with hoop and clubs, Miteva showed a similar result with a ribbon and ball. In this case, the backlog of Russians in all kinds was quite substantial — about half of the points. Without a doubt, it wardsIrina Vinerlit the fire and caught the rhythm in Vienna, as was indicated in the slogan championship, which has become for them a debut. Say what you like, while domestic migration continue to keep the brand, and it does not interfere with any of generational change, no change in the rules that came into effect in the new four years.

In the team event the Russian team is rightly located at the first position with four gold and three silver awards, became the second Ukrainian "artist", who won two silver Belarusian gymnasts rounded out the top three.

Do not lag behind older friends and juniors, competed in the exercise group with five hoops. In this kind of program crowned ViennaAnna Berkutova, Daria Pirogov Daria Dubov, Victoria Ilina, Sophia JesterandNatalia Safonov.
Group of Russian women on the podium were representatives of Azerbaijan and Belarus. Total of our Vienna "artist" took seven gold and three silver medals.

The next major launch of the gymnasts will have at the Universiade in Kazan from 6 to 17 July, and the culmination of the year will be the World Championship to be held in Kiev from August 26 to September 5. In connection with what is more attention paid to the Russians rivalry with representatives of Ukraine, which, no doubt, will make every effort to act with dignity at home championship and please their fans. For Ukraine, this tournament will be the first in the history of previously conducted here only the continental championship.

Rhythmic gymnastics. European Championship. Vienna (Austria), June 2


1.Margarita Mamun (Russia) — 18,800.

2. Anna Rizatdinova (Ukraine) — 18,183.

3. Silvia Miteva (Bulgaria) — 18,100.

4. Yana Kudryavtseva (Russia) — 17,983.


1. Yana Kudryavtseva — 18.783.

2. Margarita Mamun (both — Russia) — 18,650.

3. Melitina Stanyuta (Belarus) — 18,116.


1. Yana Kudryavtseva — 19,000.

2. Margarita Mamun (both — Russia) — 18,633.

3. Silvia Miteva (Bulgaria) — 18,150.


1. Daria Svatkovsky — 18,600.

2. Margarita Mamun (both — Russia) — 18,566.

3. Melitina Stanyuta (Belarus) — 18,250.



1. Russia (Jan Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun, Daria Svatkovsky) — 147.114.

2. Ukraine (Anna Rizatdinova, Alina Maksimenko, Victoria Mazur) — 141.573.

3. Belarus (Katerina Galkina, Melitina Stanyuta) — 138.115.


Group exercise. All-around

1. Russia (Anna Berkutova, Pirogov Daria Daria Dubov, Victoria Ilina Natalia Safonov) — 33.916.

2. Belarus — 32,700.

3. Bulgaria — 32.532.

Five hoops

1. Russia (Anna Berkutova, Pirogov Daria Daria Dubov, Victoria Ilina Natalia Safonov) — 17,150.

2. Azerbaijan — 16,550.

3. Belarus — 16,325.

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