The results of the Women’s European Chess Championship, 2012 … The Triumph of Russians!

Valentine Gunina became European champion in classical chess and lightning. Tatiana Kosintzeva won gold in rapid chess, as well as silver in classical chess. Silver Alexandra Kosteniuk in rapid chess. And Alexander Goryachkina at this championship fulfilled GM norm, becoming the youngest international grandmaster in the world. From 1 to 14 March 2012 in the Turkish city of Gaziantep hosted European Championships Women’s Chess Championship, which began after the European Championships fast and lightning chess. Murmanchanka Valentine Gunina made a "golden double" — after winning the classic chess 23-year-old athlete was the best in the blitz game.

Arkhangelsk chess player Tatiana Kosintzeva won the rapid chess, taking "gold", as previously Tatiana won the silver medal in classical chess, where Russian has become European champion Valentina Gunina.

"Silver" European Championship in rapid chess won the ex-world champion Alexandra Kosteniuk Russian woman.

Special achievement as Alexandra Goryachkina that performed the GM norm, and became the youngest international grandmaster in the world among women.

And before that, in 2011, Salekhard athlete, student "Polar Karpov Chess School", has shown phenomenal results (9 points out of 9!), Taking the top spot on the podium in Brazil’s World Youth Championship. Moreover, in the same year, she was able to make a "golden double" by winning both the European and World championships.

With ***** tournament:

The opening ceremony, the first symbolic move d4 in a representative game between the rating favorite tournament Muzichuk Anna and Anastasia Savina was made and subsequently in an official match of the first round

Round 1, Game has begun …

Valentine Gunina

Tatiana Kosintzeva

Alexandra Kosteniuk

10 round, in the image of Alexander Goryachkina, which showed the best result among the participants up to 16 years. With the flag and emblem of Russia — pleasure to see you! :)

As Alina Kashlinskaya among participants under 20 was the third on the sudden and rapid chess (the first result in both types in this age group, Russians Anastasia Bodnaruk), who has put patriotic sports jacket with the symbol of the Russian team. Though the rules and prohibit the wearing sports clothes, but to make a point no one dared.

7 round, Lvovchanka Muzichuk Anna, who played in this championship for Slovenia. She bronze

Eight-time champion of Turkey .. Betul Yildiz :) *****


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