The revival of the domestic machine tool industry

The development of domestic machine tool industry — one of the most pressing issues of today. The importance of this area of production is difficult to overestimate, because along with economic importance, the production of their own machines is a complex, high technology, vymokotehnologichnym process.

The site already had the information about the federal program "Development of the industry and increase its competitiveness in the period up to 2020" ( And now there is a new, more specific information on plans for machine tool clusters in the regions of Russia.

  According to WP, Bauman at the site "STANKIN" created a cluster of machine tool, which will work with foreign companies. Agreement on the establishment of their own productions signed in four regions: Tatarstan, Rostov, Sverdlovsk and Ulyanovsk regions.

The four Russian regions, where it will set up a cluster of machine tools, focused on cooperation with foreign companies, Tatarstan got no chance. The region, where booming oil production and refining, in dire need of modern equipment, but in recent years has been forced to buy machines abroad. The fact that in the region previously existing expertise in this field were largely lost. Meanwhile, the need for constant updating of equipment is growing.

In addition, Tatarstan has good preconditions for the revival of machine tools. First, there are still preserved from the past a huge park yokes, which are the basis for the machines. And, according to experts, they can be modified to create a more modern equipment. Second, the republic’s economy is rapidly growing. Third, in terms of investment Tatarstan is one of the most attractive Russian regions.

For the Urals machine tools are very popular, as it focused enterprise, "defense", and heavy machinery. This is indirectly confirmed by the Regional Ministry of Industry statistics, according to which the equipment of enterprises CNC machines are not more than 10%. However, as the market for new machine tool enterprises are considering not only the Middle Urals, but the whole of the territory east of the Ural Mountains.

It is assumed that in the Sverdlovsk region will be posted new machine tool production. One of them — a Russian-Czech enterprise — be launched this year. It is expected that the first phase of the Urals will be made on 20 horizontal boring and 8-10 portal milling machines with numerical control per year. The annual turnover should be around 2 billion rubles. Investors expect that after a maximum of three years, the new company will be able to move to the second stage — the production of components. In the future, the localization of production in the region will reach 60%.

The negotiations on the establishment of another — the Russian-German joint venture underway today with the leaders of the machine tool company Niles Simmons Hegenscheidt of Saxony. Not the first year and discussed the creation of the earth on the Ural Machine Building Competence Center, in which will be introduced modern technological solutions in the field of machine tools.

According to experts, the Sverdlovsk region is a promising platform for the development of the machine-tool industry. In addition to stable markets here has an extensive research base, skilled workforce, the potential for training. In recent years, the region’s rapidly developing infrastructure and for investors. For example, create a special economic zone "Titanium Valley", industrial parks, transportation and logistics systems.

"Middle Urals — old industrial region, the equipment that is used for a long time requires updating, — the prime minister of the regional government Denis Pasler. — In recent years, imports of metal-working equipment in the Sverdlovsk region has increased more than four times. Therefore machines, which they plan to produce joint ventures will be in demand by local industry. "

In the south Russian machine tool cluster will form the basis of Azov to the factory forging equipment. The cluster must integrate regional manufacturers machine-tool equipment, research and educational institutions, engineering companies. According to "RSF" Minister of Industry of Rostov region, Alexander Grebenschikov already established a joint venture with Czech investors, who invested 230 million rubles in the reconstruction of production facilities. The total investment should reach 808 million rubles. For five years it is planned to bring the level of localization to 95% and in 2018 to increase production capacity to 320 machines for a total of about 3 billion rubles.

For design, Azov begin producing machine tools, CNC lathes for full-metal, used in all branches of engineering. In Don’s government believes that the investment potential of the cluster area and will create a new independent businesses — steel, forge-and-press.

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