The revival of the village Karnauhova (Novgorod region).

In Lyubnitskom rural settlement Valdai area there is a small village Karnauhova. NTV once even shot of her report, devoted to endangered villages of the North-West (then there were two men). Now, as told to us by V. Smirnov, head Lyubnitskogo rural settlement in Karnauhova there was only one resident — MP Vasiliev, who in ’82.

It seems to be lost village waiting for oblivion, but now knows about it all in the county. In 2010 there began a truly grandiose construction of agricultural facilities — agricultural holding "Belgrankorm" began to build a speaker for poultry.

Watching out the window normal landscape Russian province, involuntarily you stop look at the big construction site, which is hard to miss. Within the protected area of a huge stretch of shops eight loudspeaker, all of which have built a cheerful yellow. By the way, instead of the rural terrain is viewed whole "avenues" with street lamps. Some shops are ready, others are hard at work: installation of equipment, pouring floors, strengthening roofs. The scale of construction projects can be estimated given thought to the cost of the investment project — one billion 200 million rubles.

An unexpected visit GV Ertsevo, Chairman of Economic Development Administration of the Valdai municipal area, and V. Smirnov workers caught by surprise loudspeaker. However, finding out what had come "not to bite", they took in his yet-furnished office Galina Patofeeva, director of "Plemptitsereproduktora."

She told us that she has settled one of the shops of the loudspeaker. Just the other day brought back the first batch of five-day old chicks (56,000). Further the number of pet birds will continue to grow with the launch of new shops. They will be home to 400,000 birds. Completion of construction and the grand opening is planned to sow the end of September — beginning of October this year. Also, the house is now being completed in four Krestetsky district. When all the facilities will be built, the chicks will be brought out of the house at 140 days of age, in Karnauhova grown chickens during the year will lay eggs.

Large-scale construction in the Valdai region will certainly improve our performance. Director loudspeaker shared that the company will work 170-180 professionals, which means that there will be new jobs for area residents. The construction of a loudspeaker win and we are: 3-5% of eggs at very affordable prices will fall to the local shops.

And while objects "Belgrankorm" being built, and representatives of the administrations of the Valdai Krestetsky areas (which are built in the shop of a loudspeaker and poultry) solve: "How will we divide the egg?" — Jokingly saying about taxes. After all, the birds who were born in the sacrum will actually "increase the birth rate" in the Valdai area.

In Karnauhova meanwhile began a new building "Belgrankorm": soon there will be three buildings at potato. On the territory of the village will grow and store potatoes, which will go on sale across the country.

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