The right story. Shut the recess bunker with his body …


 Today is the 70th anniversary of the feat Alexander Matrosov.


Alexander Matrosov.


"Head of the political department of the 91st Brigade volunteers Siberians … ‘m In the second battalion. Stepping … In the battle for the village ringlets Komsomolets Sailors, born in 1924, made a heroic act — closed recess bunker with his body, and this provided the promotion of our shooters forward. Ringlets taken. The attack continues. Detailed report on your return. Agitator Political Art. l-nt Wolves. "

This is — the very first "hot" certificate of heroism, exactly 70 years ago February 27, 1943 Making a simple Russian kid at Great Bow Pskov region and has become, literally, a legend. Tragically, Lieutenant Peter Volkov did not contribute to the short note, which managed to jot down in the heat of battle: he died on the same day. But others told fellow soldiers Matrosov, and in our day historians and ethnographers restored bit by bit tortuous outline of his biography.

For many decades, it has acquired many nedogovorkami, inventions, and even outright lies. Start with the fact that the official propaganda retroactively feat was "podverstan" to the anniversary date — on February 23, 1943 had the 25th anniversary of the Red Army.

But most of all zealots have tried the "new" read the stories in the perestroika and post-perestroika period. Which only biographical "details" not invented, which only the "discoveries" did not. Then had Matrosov felon, having met the war in the colonies. Alexander grew up in an orphanage, indeed, to the mobilization of the army was in prison, but the number of child labor 2 in Ufa. And he came there as a street kid, having escaped from trade schools in Kuibyshev, and received two years for violating the passport regime.

When fans of historical fantasy Matrosov failed to give the mother a recidivist, he tried to declare the penalty box. And again, "not fused": in fact risen in the military operation was directed at the youth Krasnokholmskaya Infantry School at Chkalov (now Orenburg). But learns to lieutenant was not able: because of the difficult situation at the front, along with other students of his in the march company sent to the Kalinin Front.

Say yet another fact, which, however, like others, mentioned above, does not detract from the feat of the young hero. It is known that he was not the first of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic closed body recess enemy bunker. The priority here for a junior company political instructor of the 125th Tank Regiment of the 28th Panzer Division Alexander Pankratov, who died in battle, August 24, 1941 in the defense of Novgorod. In the posthumous awards sheet on assignment brave warrior title of Hero of the Soviet Union, said: "The storming of the Kirillov Monastery of the enemy opened a heavy fire. Left-flank the enemy machine gun did not give to a group of brave men, led by Pankratov enter the location of the monastery. Pankratov then took the lead on the gun, threw a grenade wounded gunner. The machine gun was silent for a while. Then again opened a furious fire. The political leader Pankratov, shouting, "Come on!" Again rushed to the gun and his body covered withering enemy fire. "

There were times when the force of the impact such a feat colleagues immediately forced to follow the example of the hero. For example, in one battle closed the loopholes his body Sergeant Ivan Gerasimenko, common Alexander Krasilov and Leonti Cheremnov. People were going to die, but fate sometimes kept them. Survived AA Udodov, T. H. Rise, VP Mayborsky, L. Kondratiev. A whole tribe has matrosovtsev 412 characters.

Nikolai Gastello heroic crew.


And let the Sailors were not the first among them, but who can argue that it has received a random heroic tribe, unworthy name!

Feats of self-sacrifice, when in the name of higher purpose — a combat mission, rescue comrades — the men were willing to pay the most expensive — life became one of the highest manifestations of the heroism of Soviet soldiers. Some of the contemporary authors see behind this atrophy instinct of self-preservation, the inherent nature of man. But private atrophy ability for empathy does not allow such a "publicists" to see the true height of spirit and courage rare for a person willing to follow the old rule of the Russian army, "Sam dies, and save your comrade!".

Who just did not affect the post-Soviet years, the campaign embracing degeroizatsii: Nicholas Schorsa brigade commander and division commander Vasily Chapaev, Panfilov heroes and Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya spy Nikolai Kuznetsov and Marshal Georgy Zhukov … We were told that the enemy loopholes closed their bodies are spiritually primitive, that eighteen-year girl -guerrillas burned the hut in which the occupants are sheltered from the cold, not to destroy the enemy, and to excite the people of hatred for the invaders, that the commanders of the Red Army were limited campaigners and achieved victories, only pulling back the enemy dead bodies of their own soldiers.


Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya.

In his time in the Soviet Union were well known names of the fallen in the fight against the Nazis Young Heroes of the Soviet Union — Marat Kase, Vladimir Dubinin, Leni Golikova Zina Portnova, Wali Kitty, Krasnodon members of the underground organization "Young Guard". They put the monuments, their names were called streets and ships, they strive to be like the young. And haters Russia concerned about one thing — figuring out on what is the rules of war in the fighting involved minors?

In the writings of these haters Marshal Zhukov declared a "butcher", not regretting soldiers’ lives. A General Vlasov appears in a toga ideological, uncompromising fighter against Stalinism. How to inspire the famous "foreman" of perestroika Gavriil Popov, general-traitor was willing leader of a new, postbolshevistskoy Russia.

Long took the honest people aback by such blatant lies. Well, that confusion goes. Moreover, that honest historians, writers, journalists, filmmakers have something to counter the "truth-seekers" who are trying to trample the graves of heroes.

The Great Patriotic War, unprecedented in trials that befell the nation at war, provoked an unprecedented surge of self-sacrifice and heroism, both mass and individual. It is no accident historians call the front-line generation of the Great Patriotic War, the phenomenon of the twentieth century.

Still from the film "The Young Guard".

Private and General, militia and military personnel, a middle-aged farmer, who fought in the First World War, and yesterday-grader Muscovite soldiers, throw a bunch of grenades at the enemy tank, and a nurse, days do n
ot go away from the hospital room, a sailor and an infantryman, partisan and underground — all showed a rare insight that fell to their share of personal responsibility for the fate of the country, for your future and the future of its children. "Rage of the noble" often leaves no room for thoughts about his own fate, determined the psychological state of the front generation.

Several hundreds of thousands of collaborators answered more than 30 million people have risen to arms during the war. Defector and traitor Vlasov said Karbyshev generals and Lukin, Ponedelin and Kirillov, who were taken prisoner, but did not follow to cooperate with the enemy.

The heroism and sacrifice of our soldiers do not know the limit. In an emergency, they closed their bodies commanders and fellow soldiers from bullets and shrapnel. Having spent ammunition, ramming enemy aircraft with a bunch of grenades were thrown under the Nazi tanks. Being surrounded, undermined the last grenade and Hitler himself, preferring to die rather than be taken prisoner. And ever — were thrown as the Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Matrosov, loopholes in the enemy bunkers.

Today we need to revive and re-instill the existed in Russia from the beginning moral rule: distinguished themselves in battle for their country exalt, to allocate, to provide special signs of attention and memory.

A characteristic detail …: no information about any of the Nazi soldiers who decided to act, similar Matrossovsky. Indeed, such a spiritual height can cause a holy war for their country.

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