The rights to show the cartoon on the fairy tale GH Anderson bought the company in Europe Film Boutique.

The film will be shown in France, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

On "The Flying Ship" and "Bang bang, oh-oh-oh!" Garry Bardin grew so many generations of Russians that he can do anything. And first of all that which no one in cartoons does not: fifteen hour driving nails into the coffin of humanity. Good birds on this metaphorical yard there — even at the end of lzheutenok not hold, revenge. Bardin horrible combines with the beautiful. Tchaikovsky sounds, laughter through tears breaks and dolls are so good that even wish "Duckling" is likely to be the last big puppet film in history. Being far more artistic event, "Duckling" can withstand dozens of interpretations.

30 seconds with a 03.00 at 03.30 devoted Fatomu Morgan:-D

For reference, in Asian countries are not able to completely remove the cartoons with a pre-
recorded audio. Then voiced them.

In Russia — first write the sound, and then remove the cartoon on it.
You’d be surprised … but neither cat nor Matroskin Winnie the Pooh have not seen the cartoon,
when we recorded text.
Sometimes actors are bullied each other and the text is written heels
in style


Bella Ahmadulina … actress Inna Savina


Our cartoons are known and loved


Colored Wolf and Hare and Russian inscription, "Well, wait a minute!" Will appear on one side of the coin for Australia, and the second — a stylized film and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the words "one dollar».

It will be released just 8,000 coins.

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