The road version of LADA Granta Sport has passed the first test drive!


Manager of Marketing Services provided AvtoVAZ road version LADA Granta Sport. Test drive was held at the test site of the plant. For the first time, the general public, this car was testimony at the Moscow Motor Show.

In 2013, AvtoVAZ plans to release order of thousands of exclusive "charged" version of Lada Granta. Price of the road version LADA Granta Sport according to preliminary calculations will start from 429,000 rubles. For the money the buyer will get boosted 1.6-liter 120-hp engine with upgraded intake system, exhaust, the timing, the new software. In addition, a complete LADA Granta Sport is an upgraded five-speed manual transmission with gear change, the original suspension LADA Sport, rear disc brakes, sports seats, sports bumpers and 16-inch wheels c low-profile tires. Prior to the first hundred LADA Granta Sport accelerates in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is 197 Auto km / h.

Sell LADA Granta Sport in the road version of the plan through a dealer network. In this case, AvtoVAZ will select only the top 50 dealers LADA, in the salons of which will be presented "charged» LADA Granta.

According to Vladislav Nezvankin, the head of the "Cup of LADA Granta», sell road version LADA Granta Sport factory intends to "beautiful." In particular, Nezvankin said: "We plan to do it, too, is beautiful, through the so-called" red corner "- a specially designed point of sale. They will be made in sporty style. Here the customer will be able to appreciate all the car’s features and to the so-called associative array, see where technology. " 

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