The rocket Soyuz-2.16 launched Russian satellite into orbit

Rocket "Soyuz-2.16" on Tuesday evening launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome and put into orbit the Russian remote sensing satellite "Resource-P", said the Russian Space Agency.


"The separation of the spacecraft" Resource-P "from the carrier rocket" Soyuz-2.1b "was held at the estimated time and passed cleanly" — said the representative of the Russian Federal Space Agency, reportsRIA "Novosti".

This launch was the first in 2013 by the so-called "northern path." Planned to start in November 2012, but was postponed because the Kazakh side did not give permission for removal of the device on the "northern path."

In the Russian Space Agency said that in order to confirm the specified resource characteristics of the spacecraft "Resource-P" were organized additional testing installed on the high-precision star sensor photo detectors. The results of these tests, it was decided to finalize instruments, andsatellite launch postponedin 2013.

Spacecraft "Resource-P" is designed and manufactured "TsSKB Progress" and is designed for remote sensing (RS) and the transmission of the data over the air to the ground complex planning target application, receiving, processing and dissemination of remote sensing data for a wide range of targets in the interests of its customers — the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Agriculture, Fishery Agency, Meteorological, and the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography of Russia.

Remote sensing data obtained by space complex "Resource-P", will be used to solve problems:

— Inventory and monitoring of natural resources (agricultural and forest land, pasture, fishing areas seafood Cadastre) and control business processes to ensure the rational activity in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, water and other sectors of the economy;

— Monitoring of the emergency zones in order to pre-empt the development of natural disasters, accidents, and to assess their implications for planning remediation.

— Provide data for compiling and updating the general geographic, topographic and thematic maps of various scales;

— Control of pollution and degradation of the environment, including environmental monitoring in areas of exploration and mining operations, the identification and study of environmental pollution,

— Control of water conservation and protected areas;

— Information support for search of oil, natural gas, ore and other mineral deposits;

— Control of development of territories, to obtain data for engineering evaluation areas for the benefit of economic activity;

— Information provision laying roads and major buildings, roads, railways, oil and gas pipelines, communication systems;

— The detection of illicit drug cultivation and control of their destruction;

— Assess the ice conditions.

Information obtained from satellite "Resource-P", can also be used to promote international cooperation in the field of Russian control and protection of the environment and other pressing problems of remote sensing of the Earth.

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