The roof of the stadium Fischt close the translucent material

In the Olympic Park began work on the roofing of the stadium "Fischt", which is being built to order "Olympstroy." There will be opening and closing ceremonies Winter Games in 2014. After the Games, the stadium will be football games, including the FIFA World Cup 2018, as well as major sports and concert and entertainment events.

 Canopy over the western and eastern stands close translucent material — ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene, which is actively used in other countries, including in the Olympic construction. Thus, a new generation of polymer erected facades and roof of the Beijing National Swimming Complex in which competition was held the Olympic Games in 2008, this material is also covered in "Allianz Arena" for football in Munich.

"Ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene has superior strength and corrosion resistance. It is not affected by UV radiation and precipitation, has excellent thermal insulation properties and characteristics of light transmission. Therefore stadium giant "Fischt" with 40 million viewers will spend several times less energy for lighting, air conditioning and heating, "- said the deputy head of the directorate of land for construction of a coastal cluster" Olympstroy "Eugene Kulibanov.

Of transparent and opaque polymer at a special factory made several thousand so-called membrane pillows that the installation and continued operation will be filled with air. Now, these lightweight structures raise the roof arena "Fischt" and attached to the profiles by means of clips. Per shift builders closed about 2 million square meters of roof. To ensure the safety of working at heights up to 70 meters, installers-altitude "abandoned" on the roof of a protective network of green. It provides additional protection from falling objects in a bowl of the stadium, which is now set chairs for spectators.

Has installed more than 25,000 seats of blue color and its shades. In this case, the upper stands — the darkest, and the lower the number, the lighter the chair. Playing color, designers visually enlarge the space of the room and highlighted its main element — the stage.

In parallel, at all levels of the arena held glazing, installation of doors and windows, continuing large-scale work on engineering and final finishing of walls, ceilings and floors in podtribunnyh premises.

Arena "Fischt" was named after a famous tourist Caucasian mountains. The clear polymer, which began to close the frame, the architects managed to make the building shape of a snow-covered peaks. More exposed frame with a bird’s eye resembles lace. Builders are literally "braided" from his metal beams, arches, poluarok and other elements.

In the Olympic Park "Fischt" — the highest stadium. The highest point of the roof of the main Olympic arena is at a 25-storey building.

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