The Rostov nuclear power plant enters the new equipment

JSC "OKBM" manufactured and, after full acceptance tests on a special pump stand, put the two auxiliary nutrient pumping units ATSNSB 150 90 ° to the third power unit under construction in Rostov nuclear power plant.

The units are designed to feed water to steam generators in start-up mode and shut down the unit, as well as de-energizing power plant with a VVER-1000 reactor.

Pump capacity — 150 m³ / h, motor power — 800 kW, weight of the unit — 7100 kg.  

Delivered pumps develop "OKBM" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) can be attributed to the pumps of the new generation. The design of the applied bearing supports running on to the fluid, which eliminates the use of the oil system and the need to control their temperature condition during operation. The efficiency of these bearings is confirmed by many years of operating experience in the sealed pumps.

According to the chief designer of centrifugal machines and fixtures Sergey Grandmother, pumps with bearing supports running on pumped media have great potential for use in projects of modern nuclear power plants because they do not require servicing systems have improved reliability and contribute to the safety of nuclear power stations.
Currently, "OKBM" produces 12 pump units under construction safety systems for the fourth unit of Rostov NPP.

Machine Building Plant "ZIO-Podolsk" (included in the Engineering Division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) manufactured and shipped 6 heat exchangers system closed loop cooling gas coolers generator to the Rostov nuclear power plant.

Last unit of the sixth set of heat transfer equipment, manufactured factory for the third and 4th power units under construction, was sent on May 28 to the power plant. Thus, the plant has fully complied with its obligations under the manufacturing and supply of this equipment.

Heat exchangers ZOHG — equipment weighing 15 tons, a length of about 8 meters and an internal diameter of over one meter. The devices are transported by road of "ZIO-Podolsk."

By design documentation Podolsk machine builders started in January 2012. The first machine has been manufactured and shipped to the customer in February 2013.

ZOHG exchangers are part of a closed loop cooling system of the generator and gas coolers are part of normal operation. Are among the most important equipment supplied by nuclear power plants.

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