The Rostov nuclear power plant taken two backup transformer to the third power

On the ground under construction unit number 3 Rostov NPP received two back-up transformer (RTSN and RTSN-5-6), the press service of the nuclear station. This heavy equipment (weight of each transformer in the running order of about 100 tons) is designed to provide one of the main stages of construction of the third unit of Rostov nuclear power plant in 2012 — the power supply to your own needs.

Now at the site preparatory works for the installation of transformers at regular places: experts on open transformer (OUT) are preparing the cells of outdoor switchgear 220 kV (220 kV outdoor switchgear).

Thus, at the site of Rostov-3 began a new phase — delivery of heavy equipment for the start of the complex power.

According to Valery Limarenko, Director of "NIAEP" — managing the company ASE, the supply voltage for internal needs unit number 3 of Rostov nuclear power plant to be held in the third quarter of this year — in strict accordance with the construction schedule.

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