The Russian 3D-core

The project, commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry maintained by a team of developers led by Bauman "STANKIN", came to the finish line.

March 7, 2013 it was announced the delivery of the next stage of research and development of the domestic licensed software core of three-dimensional modeling. As part of this phase was first obtained a full-featured version of the software.

Three-dimensional geometric modeling kernel — is a software component for use as the base tool for the development of software systems associated with the exact three-dimensional computer modeling of physical objects. The end products that can be developed on the basis of such solutions are computer-aided design (CAD), pre-production (CAM), engineering analysis (CAE), and many other applications of software engineering. In all of these systems require accurate and high-performance tool to work with a model — data generation, storage, retrieval, analysis tools, specialized calculations and much more.

The development of such software product is part of the program for the development of national technology base and the need to create innovative products by the Russian industry competitive in the world market.

The project is implemented under the auspices of the Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN" together with leading CAD companies and universities in Russia. Currently, the core of RGK, the development of which began in 2011, is under intense internal integrated testing of the product. At the same time the customer are considered and resolved issues tracking, implementation, licensing, development and building applications.

Not from specialized capabilities are: Multithreading; Using calculations on GPU; Multiplatform.

This development will be the market leaders concurrency: Parasolid (company Siemens PLM Software) and ACIS (manufactured by Spatial Corp. — A subsidiary of Dassault Systemes).

With the technical details with pictures and video demonstrations can be found in the following articles:
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