The Russian Air Force has once again congratulated the Japanese people on the Day of the Northern Territories.

February 7 in Japan say whether the signing of the Treaty of Shimoda, whether the attack on Port Arthur. It does not matter, the holiday is a holiday. Congratulate neighbors dropped in a couple of our fighters (like the Su-27). Just for a few seconds (like 71). So, anyway, say the Japanese themselves, politely sent them to meet their four aircraft.

However, our military is denied, citing data from the objective control and innate pedantry Russians in enforcing the borders of neighboring countries.

And they can be trusted, because last year to congratulate our fabulous friends flew as much as two Russian bear with a flying radar bargain (not counting the smaller aircraft), and even out of the corner of the wing Japanese air masses are not hooked up.

No, we do not think of seconds down, but what was not, that was not there. This is our official point of view, voiceda representative of the press service of the Eastern Military District Captain First Rank Roman Martov.

He noted that on February 7 this year, anti-aircraft aviation fleet performed the tasks of combat training in the Sea of Okhotsk, southern Kuril crews also worked on piloting skills in adverse weather conditions.

According to him, in the course of routine operations carried out reconnaissance and heavy ice conditions in the area in the interests of civil navigation.

A teaching on the Kuril Islands take their course. The teaching is planned nature, it involved personnel of the machine-gun and artillery units and capabilities of Pacific Fleet, the Air Force and Air Defense. Only about a thousand soldiers and 300 military vehicles (per unit for the three — approx. Cinik). During one of the stages of teaching will be carried out search and rescue operation to assist in distress in the territorial waters of Russia to the vessel.

Supervises teaching commander of artillery machine-connection. To provide practical help guide the group and the organization of interspecific interactions on the site has a dedicated group of staff officers of the Eastern Military District, led by deputy commander of the district.


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