The Russian army abandoned in favor of the Makarov pistols and Serdyukov Yarigina

The Russian army refused to purchase the Makarov pistols in favor of Yarygin and Serdyukov, said Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

  • Gun Yarigina

"Makarov pistol is not purchased for several years. Instead purchases made pistols Yarigina and Serdyukov," — he said, reported RIA Novosti.

  • Pistol Serdyukov

According to him, in the interests of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Moscow Region TSNIITOCHMASH enterprise, including in the framework of development work, "Warrior", tested various types of small arms. The results of these tests will be decided on the immediate availability of these weapons to the troops. According Chirkina among the test samples — gun "Swift" and the machine "AK-12".

Note gun Yarigina created at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant in 1993, adopted in 2003. Has mechanisms for automatic recoil type. As ammunition for the gun used by the Russian 9×19 mm cartridge, the store 17 rounds.

Serdyukov automatic pistol designed for law enforcement special operations units in the framework of research and development work, "rook" constructors TSNIITOCHMASH chambered for high performance 9×21 millimeter of 1995.

In early summer, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the new pistol "Swift", which will replace the famous Makarov pistol, will be adopted by the Russian Army in the coming months.

Gun "Swift" is the caliber of 9×19 mm, in his store 18 rounds. He has also been developed in close cooperation with the Special Forces soldiers. In the gun "Swift" is not the usual fuse, but protects against accidental firing just three internal systems. In the scheme of accelerated change gun shop and improved rate of fire. "Swift" can be equipped with a flashlight or sighting. It is also possible to change the base store for assault with a capacity of 30 rounds. In case of extension of the gun barrel is transformed into a sub-machine gun.

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