The Russian army is reborn?

Pros and cons of the policy of the new leadership of the Armed Forces of Russia

April 15 edition of the «American Thinker», known in the U.S. as a mouthpiece of the political religion of the Republican Party — "neo-conservatism", published a remarkable article, "The Russian Army and the New Cold War." "In 2013, the U.S. military budget was reduced by 15%, while the military budget of the Putin dictatorship in Russia in the period from 2012 to 2015 has increased by almost 60%," — such an awesome average American figures given in this article. 

Then it comes to the insidious propaganda of Moscow, which is "designed to lull the West and to create in him a feeling of complacency, while Putin spins the flywheel of a new Cold War." It is safe to say that if any of our "friends", the neoconservatives, write like that, then this in itself is correctly taken the leadership of our country’s measures to revive and strengthen the Armed Forces.

However, a passage from the above article is worthy of special consideration. Speaking about the Russian government program modernization, "neoconservatives" gloat "The same policy has led to the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union and the collapse. The Soviet Union consistently singled out huge amounts of money on weapons, ignoring even the most basic needs of its population. And Russia, led by arrogant KGB spy who believes the Soviet collapse tragedy that does the same thing. " It must be noted that similar statements in fact more often heard in and of our country, from the lips of all sorts of liberal politicians and experts. And all the hype took so widespread that even recently supervising the defense Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin had to deny reports circulating in the media about the "militarization of the economy." In reality, the situation is clear: on the eastern and southern borders of our country is increasing the level of potential threats, the international situation is heating up permanently, increasing the number of military conflicts in all regions of the world.

In this case, the media leading NATO countries almost unanimously assert the need for military build-up — just see the headlines in the last week.

Thus, the British «The Financial Times» predicts: "Disarmament Europe can not defend itself," the Italian «Il Legno Storto» says: "A strong army is necessary," French «Atlantico» sharply criticizes the incumbent for cutting the defense budget in an article entitled "Reducing ground forces — a serious strategic blunder." Add that to Russia, with its enormous length of the continental boundaries of any ill-considered steps to reduce ground forces — is generally a disaster.

It is a tribute to the new leadership of the Ministry of Defence. For the first time in the past two decades are beginning to take tough action against those who evade military service. Since April 8, the Defense Ministry announced the preparation of a law which provides that the deviators upon reaching 27 years of age will issue a special certificate in lieu of military ID. This certificate will be told that this citizen without legal grounds, did not fulfill their duty to their country. One of the developers of the measure expressed confidence that individuals with, as they say, a "wolf ticket" will be much more difficult to get a job, not only in government agencies, but also in business. That in itself will force many to think hard evaders. How serious is this problem can be judged from the recent report of the Deputy Chief of the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff, Major-General Yevgeny Burdinskiy. Here is a fragment from the document: "In 2012, the military service sent 295 thousand 710 people. Despite the fact that during the recruiting campaigns through commissions were about one and a half million people. The issue remains a problem with the deviators. In 2012, 235 thousand 856 people did not receive the summons and attrition without removal from military records. This is a direct violation of the laws of the Russian Federation. "

However, even those recruits who do not shy away from passing the draft boards to the draft board, the troops still do not get. Why? General Burdinskiy gave in his report an honest answer to this question: "A lot of people still having a release for health reasons. We are experiencing serious problems in acquisition of parts and connections with high demands. Not enough recruits in the Navy, internal Special Forces, Marines, Airborne. Of those enrolled in more than 52 percent of the troops had limitations for health reasons. The next category of restrictions for reasons of health — mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system. 22 percent of patients in this category, out of all the ones we can not call — is alarming symptoms. "

How can you not remember bypassed all the bitter words of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, said the commander of the Pacific Fleet, "The ships we’ll build it, just who they will serve?"

In desperation, the problem is not only chronic missing items, but also terrible fall general intellectual level of conscripts, the Defense Department decided in the last resort — conscription of students in higher education institutions. However, a clear understanding of exactly how the scheme will work, not yet. Recall that the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in March at a meeting with students of Bauman. Bauman said that it is considering a proposal to "service in installments", when young men can give military duty without interrupting their studies at university — for three months during the summer holidays. But at the same caveat that it would be easier to encourage college graduates immediately after graduation.

An interesting idea put forward Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia. In the program "Arsenal" on the radio station "Echo of Moscow", he announced the following sentence: "The employees of defense enterprises, if they go into the armed forces on active duty, would serve in those parts that are related to their professional specialization. On active duty, they will exploit the very same technique that they produce, as employees of the defense industry. For example, an employee of the aviation enterprise will have to serve just airplanes. Anyone who makes an APC, it will thus serve as a mechanic on an armored personnel carrier and so on. This is one of those decisions that will professionalize the armed forces. " We add that a similar practice existed in his time in the Soviet army.

It should be emphasized that the spring and autumn conscription campaign this year will be held in special conditions: the Ministry of Defence decided to significantly increase the number of recruits from the North Caucasian republics. First of all, from Dagestan. Regarding this decision was in the military environment, either among experts there is no consensus. A good illustration of this problem can be published on April 2 online edition of "Military Review" article "Lost Appeal: D
efense returns in the North Caucasian military youth": "Authorities in the region of the North Caucasus are in the unenviable position of" overproduction "of the population there, and jobs and "social elevator" for the young people do not. And Caucasian regional authorities would only be happy if the part of the youth set off for military service outside the region "on state grub." In the North Caucasus lives a little less than 10 percent of the population. Given the demographic disparity between Russian regions, the share of recruits from the Caucasus, with the removal of restrictions on appeal therefrom, will only grow. However, there is no certainty that it will contribute to the growth of quality, professionalism and combat readiness of the Russian army. "

Of course, in such cases usually begins liberal dawdling about "xenophobia", "intolerance", "violation of the rights of small nations," etc. etc. Therefore, for a more objective coverage of the issue, we emphasize that the army is the "most democratic" countries — the United States — is experiencing exactly the same problem.

April 9th influential publication «TheAmericanConservative» more analytical article published under the very eloquent title: "Our today’s Army: gangsters, Nazis and the mentally ill."

In particular, the analyst said Clark Stuksberi what is a serious threat to the dominance problem in the army of "ethnic affinity groups": "In the fall the members of the U.S. Army African-American and Latino gangs. This is clearly, very unpleasant and frightening haunt in 2005, when the soldiers, former members of the Chicago-based gang and served in Germany, was beaten to death by Sergeant during initiation ceremonies, which ended so badly. Keep track of gang members in the ranks of the army is difficult because of official and a specific prohibition on such membership is not. Murder — this is the most disturbing problem created by ethnic gangs. And the gang members are looking at military service as a training stage, giving them the opportunity to prepare well for the conduct of the war itself. The FBI admits that the bandits might use military force to training and education. According to one of the federal agents "they are excellent fire training, have access to a variety of weapons and a knowledge of them, and then have the ability to use that knowledge. ‘"

This brings to mind a terrible incident that occurred in the border troops on August 28 last year: Dagestani soldiers gunned seven Russian colleagues. The investigation revealed that the perpetrator was affiliated with one of the guns in Dagestan Islamic extremist organizations.

The next important step of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, aimed at overcoming the consequences of the devastating "reforms" of the era of the former leadership, is the significant increase in the number of students in military schools. Thus, according to the approved plan set for 2013 students in schools will take more than 15 thousand people. For comparison: in 2009, the first year of military high schools were enrolled only 3,000 students. In addition, Sergei Shoigu has decided to return the military schools and academies of their historical names, honorary titles and state awards.

Worthy of special mention is the new Minister of Defense decision to restore the Army Institute of warrant officers. We emphasize that this measure will not be half-hearted or shallow. The leader of the party "Rodina" and a member of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexey Zhuravlev exact figure: the troops and warships to return 55,000 (!) Warrant officers. "Schools warrant gave the army professionals — both professional logistics and specialists who can work on highly sophisticated equipment. Such specialists are now sorely lacking, "- said Zhuravlev.

If you recall, on May 9 in the Army were recovered from defective Serdyukovskaya first two teams celebrated division — Kantemyrivs’ka and Taman, then you can say "everything is back to normal."

Department of Defense efforts to restore and enhance the combat readiness of the troops. More common are unannounced inspections of alert, more and bigger conducted exercises and maneuvers. In this case, a strong focus on combat training units on the most threatened today southern strategic direction. So, on April 12, began teaching intelligence units of the Russian military base stationed in the Republic of Abkhazia, as well as air defense, aerospace defense on Ashuluk range in the Astrakhan Region. A week earlier, large-scale maneuvers in the Krasnodar region held one of the elite units of the Russian army — 7th Guards Airborne Assault mountain Airborne Division.

Finally, it is necessary to say a few words about such an important issue of military construction, as the formation of the Russian Arctic groups. Recall that in 2010 between the then leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the defense industry enterprises that have received orders for the production of weapons and military equipment for the crew of the Arctic, there is a conflict, the result of which was the actual failure of equipment of troops. Thanks to the energetic interaction Dmitry Rogozin and Sergei Shoigu has achieved significant progress in addressing this critical issue. In late March, soldiers of the 200th Brigade of the Western Military Region, stationed in the village of Pechenga Murmansk region began a series of practical tests of a sample of the latest technology to conduct combat operations in the Arctic. It is about vysokoprohodimyh armored vehicles "MTLB-IUD" two-link dragsters "DT-30" and "DT-10" military off-road vehicles "GAZ-3351", "TTM-3P" and "DT-3P." So, tracked "GAS" can carry 16 people or 2.5 tons of cargo. Amphibious armored car "DT-3P" is designed for traveling on a completely impassable terrain where there are no roads, and there is only direction. The conveyor can develop off-road speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and without stopping to move up to 700 kilometers. All prototypes floating and two-link that is attached to them trailers. It is interesting that, in the opinion of the Commander in Chief Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkina, this new technique can be used for combat operations in Siberia and the Far East as well as in the mountainous and forested mountainous terrain.

It is known that Russian proverb says that in the ointment can always find fly in the ointment. It can be regarded as a return to the upper echelons of the military leadership Serdyukovskaya Chief of Staff, Army General Nikolai Makarov.

Sergei Shoigu signed the order (which does not dare to make public in a month) on his appointment as adviser to the Minister of Defence. Defined area of practice and ex-Chief of Staff — "a leading analyst of the Inspector General of the Defense Ministry." The motives of this strange destination named president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov: "After all, if we assume that they (the previous leadership of the Defense Ministry) reform failed completely — here comes the next blow to the commander in chief, as he claimed the main provisions of the military reforms. The reforms discussed at the Security Council, they have received the approval of the State Duma and the Federation Council — then the whole system is substituted as in
efficient, and it should be mute. "

One can only hope that the advice Makarova to further reform the army Sergei Shoigu will be taken with a sense of humor.

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