The Russian army scares Finns

"The Russian army, under the cover of fog, landed in Lapland"
"The Russian army, under the cover of fog, landed in Lapland"

Russian military power is a concern of Finnish experts. According to them, it is on Finland has shifted the center of gravity of the Western Military District. At the same time reflect a possible attack Russia in Europe can only Britain.

Experts at the University of State of Defence of Finland, drew up a report, describe the military forces of Russia as a modern, capable of quick action cam. And it is far from outdated ideas about the Russian army as numerous infantry.

As noted in the study, by 2020, Russia will invest € 500 billion in weapons, training and equipping the army. "The idea of a mass army can be forgotten. The Russian army has a rapid reaction force that use advanced technology. The principle is: Forwards — and all — said researcher Stefan Forss. — The center of gravity of the Western Military District has moved to the north-west, in the direction of Finland. "

Picture of military power in Western Europe, NATO and Finland, compared to Russia is not very comforting, it should be of the report. Russian task is to concentrate on its border with Europe forces able to complete the war that are in constant readiness for an attack. Open the task set — to attack a target within an hour, say Finnish experts.

According to Forssa and officers, except the UK, in Europe there is no military force, which would be ready to repel an attack from Russia, not to mention the retaliatory action, the newspaper said, "Look."

Military experts point reduction in the defense of European states. According to them, in Western Europe, formed a military vacuum, since after the Second World War, the U.S. withdrew its troops from the region. In this vacuum comes to northern Europe, putting him at risk.

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