The Russian army will change masks

In 2012, the armed forces of Russia will do combined arms filtering respirators are the next generation, according to "Interfax-AVN" Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC), Major General Eugene Starks.

"Right now developed and tested a new all-arms-filtering respirators, which we called" Air ". It is expected that in 2012 it will begin to enter the army, "- said General Starks.

According to him, the new mask will come first in mobile brigades and battalions NBC, and then will gradually flow into other formations and units of the Russian army.

Eugene Starks said that the new mask will replace the incumbent PMK — compact mask combo, which was adopted in 1980.

"The new mask is different elasticity of the materials from which it is made, and comfortable to use, and relatively low weight — about 0.6 kg. It significantly reduces the pressure on the head, while providing protection against chemical agents, light radiation, radioactive dust and aerosols of different bacterial ", — said the general.

The commander NBC noted that at the present time on the long storage Defense is about 12 million old-arms masks, which can be recycled.

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