The Russian automotive miracle

 Russia is becoming a haven for the world’s manufacturing auto giants

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Growth in sales of foreign cars soar. This assured not only experts, but also by the producers themselves. Statistics nearly all the world’s automakers indicates the attractiveness of investment in Russia’s growing automotive market. For example, since the localization of assembly capacity concern Peugeot-Citroen recorded a sales growth of 35%, Renault — 61%, and Volkswagen has exceeded 70%.

According to the producers, for European automakers Russia is the second largest auto market after the United States. This trend is good news not only the company, but of all those who work in the automotive industry. In this regard, the major automakers are talking about the expansion of production in Russia.

According to representatives of Mitsubishi Motors, Russian membership in the World Trade Organization and attractive in this regard, the localization conditions will allow foreign companies to produce cars not only for the Russian buyer.

"We have already started production in Russia for the domestic market. In the near future we plan to saturate our domestic market not only cars assembled in Japan and the United States. We see great prospects for exports from Russia, "- says CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Osamu Masuko.

According to experts, the fact of the presence of top officials from the world of the auto industry in the Moscow show has already speaks for itself. Intention to expand localization in Russia, not only for the domestic market, but also external support and the American auto giants. GM in the next five years, expects to sell more than 4 million vehicles, up 20% over the past years and the volume of investment in the expansion of Russian assembly lines will be more than $ 1 billion by 2017, the company said.

Now, according to expert estimates, the Russian car market is recovering from a slump in 2008-2009, showing an increase in sales in 2011 by 40%, reaching sales of more than 2.5 million vehicles. What is the monetary equivalent of 70% of the increase, approaching close to the turnover of 60 billion U.S. dollars. At the moment this is the sixth in the world in the global automotive market.

According to analysts, Russia’s accession to the WTO and the promotion of the Russian government to diversify the economy, including the automotive industry, will allow this year to talk about the new "El Dorado" for the world’s automakers.

The news was prepared on the television newscasts "Expert-TV".

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