The Russian car market rose in February by 2%

Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia continue to show steady growth, though not as dynamic as a year ago. At the end of last February, the Russian car market grew by 2% to 210,666 vehicles. 

According to the Automobile Manufacturers Committee of the Association of European Businesses in Russia since the beginning of this year, new car sales in the country grew by 35 or 10,826 pieces. In total for the period was sold 372,743 vehicles.

The leader of the domestic car market is invariably the Lada. Since the beginning of the year the Russian auto giant sold nearly 67,000 vehicles, an increase of 2% over the previous year. Second place in January and February took Renault, having increased sales by 26%. In third and fourth places — Kia and Hyundai (+4% and 0%, respectively). The top five leaders of the two months, Chevrolet, whose sales fell by 1%. At the end of February the five leading coincides with a rating of January and February.


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