The Russian car market took seventh place in the world

According to the results of last year the Russian car came in seventh place in the world. In our country, sold 3.6% of the total number of new cars sold worldwide.


According to the analytical agency "Autostat", sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the country in the amount of 2.81 million copies last year. This has provided Russian seventh place in the global rankings. Recall that in the world last year were sold 78 million vehicles.

Global automotive industry leader in the number of cars sold is China. Last year in this country there were 18.5 million new cars, which has provided the Middle Kingdom 23.7% of the total world car market. However, China is second on the dynamics of Russia — if last year in our country market increased by 39%, while China’s car market — only 2.5%. With that in recent years the rate was much higher — level of 30-40%.

Second place in the overall ranking of the United States took the car market — there has sold more than 13 million cars, which is 11% higher than for the year 2010. Closes the three major car markets of the world Japan. In spite of the catastrophic earthquake in March 2011, the country was able to maintain its position, though, and lost 15% in comparison with 2010. Last year, the islands were sold 4,210,000 vehicles.

In the world ranking ahead of Russia Brazil (3.63 million cars), Germany (3.51 million vehicles) and India (3.3 million cars). Moreover, all these countries have shown growth. For example, Brazil’s car market, which is also considered to be attractive to the auto companies, increased by 3%. Germany — 10%. Growth in India is 9%.

Despite the fact that our country was stopped only in seventh place, Russia is the leader in growth dynamics. Such a high rate is not able to show in the last year, no country in the world.

Rounding out the Top 10 France (2.68 million vehicles), the UK (2.25 million cars) and Italy (1.95 million cars). 


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