The Russian company Energaz: the fifth anniversary of the projects — the stages of development

Gas power Russia is experiencing large-scale modernization and construction of new combined cycle power plants (CCPP) and gas turbine power plants (gas turbine) of different capacities. In the creation of PSU and the latest generation of gas turbine power plant is making a contribution and the Russian company "Energaz."


September 24, 2012 this group was 5 milestone birthday. Today, the professional company has more than 80 projects in the energy and gas industry. On the Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian companies are or are going to be put into operation more than 170 booster compressor units (MFIs) and blocks of fuel gas (BPTG) "Energaz." Each object is interesting and unique in engineering terms.

In energy projects repeatedly confirmed reliability of the gas treatment systems "Energaz" for turbines and CCGT gas turbine fueled by natural and associated gas of different composition. In this case successfully solved the problem of the quality of the feed gas, the necessary cleaning, drying, and compressing the fuel supply to the turbines.


Technological equipment of fuel gas "Energaz" effectively operating with gas turbines leading manufacturers: "Saturn" and "Saturn — Gas Turbines", "Aircraft Engine" — PMZ, KMPO, General Electric, Siemens, Solar, Turbomach, Pratt & Whitney, Centrax, Rolls-Royce.


In the oil and gas industry attracted special attention of experts gathering and processing technology of low pressure associated gas embedded in a number of fields from the Russian Far North to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).


A significant number of MFIs, commissioned engineers’ Energaz ", used for the preparation and submission of associated gas turbine gensets in the oil fields. Part of the plant involved for the collection, separation, compression and transportation of APG to end users. Compressed air systems are usually combined into a booster compressor station (BCS). Commissioning is preceded by the development of individual project, stage of production, factory testing, delivery to the site, installation supervision, commissioning.


We present a number of projects, which in the 2007-2012 period. allowed to create a stable and cooperative relations to gain unique experience in the application of modern technologies in the gas quality training for the modernization and development of the Russian energy sector and the oil and gas industry.


2007. The first draft of the oil and gas industry. Fifteen MFIs hangar type at the same time put on the five fields of "Surgutneftegaz" in Khanty-Mansiysk: Konitlorskaya, West Kamynskoe, Muryaunskoe, Yukyaunskoe and North Labatyuganskoe. In 2007, all the booster compressor units installed at the facilities introduced by engineers’ Energaz "in the operation and provide training associated petroleum gas as fuel for autonomous gas-turbine power plants.


April 2008. First project at a power plant in the city — put 3 booster compressor units at CCP TPP Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City". In addition to the special requirements on noise characteristics and compact size, according to the instructions of the customer provided equipment start as soon as possible. All work on the installation supervision, commissioning and putting into operation of three MFIs took 45 days.


December 2008. On Alehinskom oilfield five MFIs equipped SKNS (station end lower stages of separation). This is the first booster station of low pressure from the company "Energaz" and the first project to collect and transport associated gas. In 2012, one of the MFIs, having worked flawlessly 15,827 hours, dismantled and transported za450 km Rogozhnikovskoye deposit where put into operation for the modernization of the GPP (set compression and gas treatment).


August 2009. In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the gas turbine power plant (gas turbine-144) Talakansky oil field, which is of great importance for the operation of the Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline, commissioned DCS hangar type of six compressor units for cleaning and compressing the associated petroleum gas. Before the advent of the 2012 Sakhalin projects, BCS Talakan remained on the easternmost project "Energaz."


October 2009. First project for the supply of diesel driven MFIs. On Rogozhnikovskoye field of "Surgutneftegaz" setting works on the associated gas and is used for recovery of the local gas turbine power plant in the absence of electricity, which significantly improves the reliability of gas turbine and reduces the costs associated with the possible downtime of generating equipment. In Russia it was the first MFIs such purpose.


October 2010. For the first time in the Russian electric power used at the facility capabilities of two-stage ADC. Combined-cycle plant at the Voronezh CHP-2 "Quadra" corresponding to the highest international standards and are not available at the time unique in our country, put into commercial operation two types of MFIs EGSI-S-300/1000-100/1000 WA. They gas compression technology is used in two stages, without intermediate cooling, which provides a high degree of pressurization (in this case — from 0.3 MPa to 5 MPa).


November 2010. After a successful collaboration with the company "LUKOIL" on a number of oil and gas facilities, implemented the first project in the power sector. On the Astrakhan GRES running compressor station compresses the fuel gas turbine CCPP-110. In the operation of the new power unit confirmed the reliability of our equipment, and subsequently at the site set back BCS gas and fuel gas treatment unit production of "Energaz."


April 2011. Put into operation the booster station at the BPS-3 North Labatyuganskogo field. For the first time in the practice of "Energaz" booster plant consisting of a BCS solve two parallel technological problems: used for purification and injection of associated petroleum gas under pressure in the transport pipeline and provide fuel gas turbine power plant generating electricity for their own use facilities at the field.


December 2011. Completed one of the most important projects in the history of the company. In the Perm region at the site "Proton-PM" booster compressor unit from the "Energaz" is equipped with a modern complex for the assembly, testing and delivery of "turnkey" gas turbine (GT) ranging from 2.5 to 100 MW of development and production companies "Aircraft Engine" and "Perm Engine Company". In this test bed new gas turbines are final inspection before shipment to the customer. For reliable operation of complex gazodozhimnaya setting provides the required operating pressure range and fuel consumption.


In 2013, "Energaz" involved in a similar project of "Saturn — Gas Turbines." In the city of Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region). Built complex for testing gas turbine production "Saturn-GT», Turbomach, General Electric. The specialists of "Energaz" obepechivaet delivery and commissioning of the system of fuel gas turbines for the test.


March 2012. In the Nenets Autonomous District of the oil treatment Varandey field ("Naryanmarneftegas"), a start operation booster station of low pressure. Its composition — three MFIs, designed to clean APG, its compression and injection into the transport pipeline. Varandej — the most northern project "Energaz" so these MFIs developed in arctic — especially for the extreme conditions of the Far North.


May 2012. An important event in the life of the project was to equip the upgraded Syzran TPP (IES) technological equipment of its own manufacture. On the new PGU-225 unit installed of fuel gas and air from the compressor station "Energaz." The company’s engineers at this facility also installed and put into operation a compressor station that transmitted high power gas turbines — to 75 MW.


August 2012. The long-awaited event for the residents of Sakhalin — start of a new 5-th unit of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk CHPP-1 — marked a positive fact for the company "Energaz." Now her equipment operates on the eastern borders of our country. Gas fuel supply unit provides a turbine system comprising gas treatment facilities and two-stage compressor unit of fuel gas. When the project is successfully overcome the objective of: deadlines for starting and logistical problems for equipment delivery.


September 2012. Engineers’ Energaz "provided start-compressor system, operating in the gas turbine power plant Minsk silicate products. First completed project to participate in the creation of their own energy centers of industrial enterprises in various industries. Similar projects are being implemented in the PHPP of "Mordovcement" and gensets Sengileysky cement plant (Ulyanovsk region), at the power of the Crimean Soda Plant and OAO "FOSAGRO Cherepovets" for gas turbine Factory furniture boards (Elabuga).


November 2012. Equipping the central pumping station (CPS) West Mogutlorskoye deposit ("RussNeft") gas treatment system stands out from other projects "Energaz" in the oil and gas industry. Experts of the company have mounted to the DSP unique set of equipment: a booster compressor unit with a knot of gas, the gas unit and the unit (refrigerator) in separate shelters. The project is implemented on the basis of individual engineering solutions, which allows the preparation of APG reach negative dew point temperature water (-20 ° C).


December 2012. In JSC "FOSAGRO Cherepovets" was commissioned plant producing urea, integrated with a new gas turbine power plant (gas turbine). This project has once again confirmed the possibility gazodozhimnogo equipment from "Energaz" prepare and file with the gas specified parameters (for cleanliness, humidity and pressure) turbine for autonomous energy centers of industrial enterprises. This project provides the preparation of gas compressor unit capacity of 10 thousand nm3/ Hr


With the launch of the new energy center power generation Cherepovets site "FosAgro" increased to 134 MW. Gas turbine factory in its economic efficiency allows 2.5 times lower specific energy consumption per 1t of products. In view of the energy (heat and electricity) new urea plant in Cherepovets to 12% more efficient than the existing Russian enterprises.


The experience gained by engineers’ Energaz "is a sound basis for further professional development of the company and contributes to the wide adoption of new engineering projects aimed at training high-quality gas in different sectors of the Russian economy.

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