The Russian company has developed a technology for the production of building materials Cementless basis.


Our modern construction industry based on the use of traditional materials — cement, clay, lime, silica sand, gypsum, etc.

Russian scientists proposed technology to produce a variety of high-quality building materials from light to high-strength structural insulation, using siliceous rocks (diatomaceous earth, flask, tripoli, zeolite, etc.). And also … industrial waste — silica fume and various slag heaps and lye as a dietary supplement. The technology produces the following products — glass ceramics, ceramics, glass ceramics, glass, penosteklokeramiku, foam glass and composite materials in the form of slabs, blocks, pellets, etc.

Materials can be used for construction Civil and industrial buildings, as well as for thermal insulation of industrial equipment, refrigeration systems, etc.

The proposed technology relies on the extraction of raw material, its grinding, mixing with the aqueous alkali solution, followed by molding and calcination of the material allows one to obtain high field building materials.

Fields of application of the technology are wide enough to allow construction materials in addition Composites for various industries — for example, artificial iron and bronze for engineering by introducing powdered metal ores or materials with desired electrical, magnetic or anti-friction properties. The resulting materials can be sharpened, drilled, milled and sanded.

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