The Russian company QTECH launched a new series of switches

QTECH company started production of a new series of switches for operators unfolding network using technology GPON.

For a long time this technology has remained malovostrebovannoy because of the high price of equipment and the lack of uniform standards adopted. And if the specification GPON FSAN consortium was formed only in 2003, the high cost of subscriber units ONT for a long time prevented the spread of technology. However, thanks to the efforts of the world’s leading developers, there has been a steady downward trend in the cost of making GPON. Today, for many operators prefer Ethernet and GPON before beginning to apply this technology to deploy and upgrade networks. For example, MGTS and Rostelecom back in 2011 began refocusing the optics network technology GPON.

The new switch series QSW-9000 can provide high-speed signal transmission over long distances (up to 60 km). Because of this most promising area is the use of the switch network deployment in remote and sparsely populated regions with a significant distance from the communication center operator. Using the switch will provide subscribers with broadband channel for data transmission without the use of additional active components between the subscriber unit and the communication, data transmission to subscribers is the optical line using a passive splitter.

Currently, a series of devices in two models: odnoyunitovymQSW-9000-01,
Allows you to connect up to 1024 subscribers and chetyrehyunitovymQSW-9000-04,
Designed to connect up to 4096 users already. The functional switch allows the operator to offer subscribers that speed for which they are willing to pay, and manage the connection of subscribers and services without changing the existing network configuration.

The switch QSW-9000-04 is built in a modular fashion, allowing its rapid scalability and replacement of components in the "hot-swappable".
This device has a slot for individual configuration with the necessary functionality to the operator. The switch QSW-9000-04 has four interface slots, two slots for control, as well as two slots for power supplies and slot allotted for the fans. In QSW-9000-04 provides hot-swappable chassis fan. The distinctive characteristics of QSW-9000-04 is its low power consumption (less than 300 watts) and high efficiency (more than 1,6 Tbps). These modular platforms provide a wide range of services such as internet access, services, Triple Play, including digital TV in HD-quality.

The switch QTECH QSW-9000 has been successfully tested a number of regional carriers, and at the end of 2012 was the first supply of the Southern Federal District.

"As part of the plans for the development direction of GPON, within six months QTECH company intends to expand the range of subscriber equipment — said Eugene Zavizion, chief engineer for product development QTECH IP. — Ruler GPON ONT will be supplemented by models with advanced features: port FXS, radio module and Wi-Fi connectivity CATV ».

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