The Russian concern Sitronics entered the hundred largest high-tech companies in the world

The Russian telecommunications concern "Sitronics" became the only Russian company, included in the one hundred most major high-tech companies in the world.


Rating prepared TASS-Telecom on the basis of the annual reports of companies and published on the websites of and tasstelekom.rf.
The main criterion was accepted amount of revenue derived from sales of products and services.

"Sitronics" took 97th place in the ranking, its profit in 2010 amounted to 1.167 billion dollars. Among the main activities of the group — the production of telecommunications equipment and software, system integration, development and production of microelectronic components, industrial electronics, security systems and smart cards. The main shareholder of "Sitronics" is AFK "System", which owns 63.97% of shares.

The first took place in the ranking of one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers Samsung Electronics with revenues for 2010 133 780 000 000 dollars.

The total turnover of the companies represented in the ranking in 2010 amounted to more than $ 1.6 trillion. As indicated by the rankings, the largest segment of the high-tech industry is the production of computers, components and peripherals. In 2010, this segment had 34.1% of total industry revenue, or 552 billion dollars. Next in importance — the production of equipment and development of solutions for the telecommunications industry. It accounts for 23.9% of industry revenue, or 387 billion dollars.

MOSCOW, ITAR-TASS, November 1.

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