The Russian disaster movie Underground topped the domestic film distribution

Disaster movie "Underground" on the Moscow subway leads the Russian box, gathered for the premiere weekend of $ 4.5 million, said on Monday portal this film budget was 13 million dollars. As earlier told RIA Novosti producers tape, they hope that the film will earn 10-11 million. The rights to the show have already bought the first channel.

In second place is the leader of last week — the fifth part of the "Die Hard" under the heading "A good day to die" (A Good Day to Die Hard). The second weekend in cinemas in Russia brought the film 2.6 million. Total for two weeks Bruce Willis and his colleagues were able to collect almost 11 million.

Line below — another iconic character of the action genre with Arnold Schwarzenegger film "Return of the Hero" (The Last Stand). During the first weekend on the big screen picture of Russia, where he played the ex-governor of California, has earned $ 1.7 million.

Fourth place was taken by "Beautiful Creatures" (Beautiful Creatures) — Fantasy of a cursed schoolgirl, looking for shelter in the American heartland. Over the weekend, the film has collected 873,000 dollars. Total ticket picture — 3.8 million.

Bringing up the rear of leaders this week movie "Informer" (Snitch). Feed on how a great actor Dwayne Johnson saves his son, for the debut weekend collected 760,000 dollars.

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