The Russian economy is growing faster than any European

According to the article in Forbes Brand Adomanisa on May 21, 2012

Perhaps the authors rather boring and predictable articles about the successes of the Polish economy in the Economist magazine had intended to say anything but that. However, the awarding Poland European leadership for the excellent performance:

GDP growth of 2.7%, unemployment is 13%, the budget deficit of 2.9% of GDP, state. debt 55% of GDP

they unwittingly pointed to the lagging of the European "leader" of Russia. In 2012, the data on Russia: 

GDP growth of 4%, 6.5% unemployment, the budget deficit from 1.5% of GDP and state. Duty 8% of GDP.

… Looking to the future, continuing paralysis of the European economy leads to dire predictions. In addition to the local growth of radical political movements may occur strategic disappointment so-called Western models. Eastern European countries signed a treaty of alliance for the sake of a better life, not to tighten their belts. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Moldova, and Serbia harassed on their heads. 

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