The Russian GLONASS-microelectronics in demand around the world

 Australian company Advanced Navigation released a line of products based on the Russian navigation receivers NV08C, said their developer — Design Bureau "Navis". According to the manufacturer, NV08C can work with signals of three navigation satellite system — GLONASS, GPS and GALILEO, and Advanced Navigation equipment on the basis of these receivers can be used for satellite monitoring of transport, in motorsport — for the optimization and adjustment of acceleration / deceleration determining the deflection of a vehicle the optimal position of the trajectory, as well as automated control systems for positioning and orientation of the robot systems etc.


Also now completed testing and is preparing the party GLONASS modules for rugged notebooks manufactured by Panasonic, is told in "Navis". According to the director of one of the daughters "Navis" — "SiS Navigation Technologies" — Sergei Tikhomirov, this is not the first deliveries of the company abroad, with foreign companies, "Navis" has been cooperating for several years.

For example, the receivers are supplied Swedish Thrane & Thrane, produces satellite communications systems for trains, Swiss Oscilloquartz, for secure synchronization of Chinese Huawei, which uses receivers "Navis" in the base station controller systems synchronize cellular companies Honeywell, Swatch and other clients in Europe, USA and Asia, said Tikhomirov.

According to the company, there are now more than three dozen different products that are produced abroad based on its navigation modules. Basically, it is a professional equipment: the system clock and the exact time, high-precision systems for monitoring deformation of objects, excluding excavation, satellite communications, satellite monitoring systems, equipment base stations of cellular networks, telematic terminals, device orientation, and many others.

Shipments abroad "Navis" carries through its European office based in Switzerland — NVS Technologies. There, the company has been producing modules with the ability to issue up to 100 million receivers per month. According to CNews, the production of "Navis" and abroad, and in Russia, located on the contract for third-party plants, while the company itself — its own production for the production of pilot batches of the product.

The share of exports now account for about 40% of all manufactured "Navis" products for the civilian sector, speak in "Navis", adding that the tendency to increase it. "Due to the fact that the system GLONASS recently became global, then the interest of foreign colleagues develops gradually. While the percentage of exports is small, but there is a tendency to increase. This is due to the fact that consumers, including those abroad, are beginning to understand benefit from the use of multi-system solutions: increasing the reliability and accuracy of navigation, as well as accessibility in difficult conditions — urban development, conditions for a strong shading signals ", — said the representative of KB" Navis "Julia Karlovskaya.

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