The Russian GLONASS solutions in the Brazilian market

 "Russian Navigation Technologies" (hereinafter — RNT, ticker on MICEX-RTS: RNAV) to help manage commercial vehicles now in Brazil. The GLONASS / GPS vehicle monitoring "AutoTracker" was installed on the cars of Brazilian representative office MegaPay (developer and global provider of payment services) and local transport company Suporte Logistica e Transportes LTDA (7 years in the freight market.)


Representation "RNT" in Brazil (joint venture Gisline Rastreamento LTDA, where 51% of the shares owned by "RTN") promotes a system where "AutoTracker" branded MoveTracker. There are other companies that install navigation systems for cars, but their functions are basically boil down to trucks to protect against theft. Unfortunately, the main problem of transportation in Latin America in general and Brazil in particular — this is an extremely high level of vehicle thefts (according to the analytical agency Berg Insight is 4 times more thefts than in the U.S.). "AutoTracker" also has features that prevent the hijacking of a car, but still the main purpose of the system — to optimize the use of vehicles, eliminate their inappropriate use, reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance.

Sergei Demidov, Director of the JV Gisline Rastreamento LTDA: «Besides us such decisions in Brazil no one else offers. And the owner of the company in any country of the world is interested not only in the safety of their vehicles, but also in how well it works every car, every driver. And the prospect of promotion of the "AutoTracker" in the Brazilian market we see in this. "

International company MegaPay, providing services to remote payment services through a system of "AutoTracker" began to control the work of employees who are on official cars go round daily payment terminals. As staff all day on the road, to control their work extremely difficult. And the system automatically generates a report about the trajectory of the movement, about which objects were checked in a day, how many times and how fast the driver was moving. To obtain this information, the leader does not need any special knowledge, just login and password to access information from anywhere where there is Internet access. Interestingly, in the first weeks after the introduction of the system has revealed serious speeding and misuse of vehicles. In the future, this information allowed the company to reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance machines.

 Brazilian transport company Suporte Logistica e Transportes LTDA uses data from the system reports "AutoTracker" not only to optimize the use of freight cars, and including for payroll drivers, since it automatically generates the mileage and the number of hours in traffic. And recently, Brazil has adopted a law that the driver does not have to spend behind the wheel of more than 4 hours without rest. And the system allows the head of the logistics company to control the operating mode of the drivers, make sure they comply with the law and is not involved in an accident due to fatigue.

 Curiously, except Suporte Logistica e Transportes LTDA access to data about where their trucks are also working in partnership with insurance companies that insure the freight. Thus, they have the ability to control where their cargo is insured, with what speed the vehicle is traveling, etc. Due to this the insurers provide a more favorable rates.

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