The Russian government approved investment AgustaWestland

The Government Commission on Foreign Investment approved the acquisition of the Italian company AgustaWestland 50% of the Russian helicopter company HeliVert, said the news agency Interfax. This company is a joint venture between Italian helicopter and holding company "Helicopters of Russia", it will assemble in Russian medium twin helicopter AW139. Aboutkonchatelnye agreement establishing HeliVert with equal shares of the parties were partners signed last summer.

During the session the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called HeliVert a good example of the arrival of foreign capital into our economy together with modern technologies and efficient system of organization and management. The Italian company intends not only to manufacture in Russia, but also to organize on the basis of its branches in Italy training courses for retraining of employees of the joint venture.

SP has built production facilities for the assembly of AW139 in the suburban Tomilino. It is planned that the plant will be able to collect up to 15 copies per year and AW139 will meet the needs of the market in Russia and CIS. Earlier partners have stated that the assembly line will earn this year.

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